Damsel In Lash Distress

You guys, I need some serious lash help. If you have been reading for a while, you know that I have become addicted to lash extensions for quite some time now. I absolutely loved mine and my girl who did them but I started having some complications with my right eye about two months ago. The first reaction was mild and we figured it was just allergies with the crazy Oklahoma weather. I went weekly and we tried again and even with some allergy medicine, I still had a terrible reaction with the right eye only. The reaction would last about 4 days making my eye extremely puffy and red under the eye and it was soooo incredibly itchy, I could hardly stand it. Plus I travel lots so this is no fun on the road. We tried once more and used a sensitive glue and used a soft eye pad vs the medical tape during the application. (I am pretty oily and the tape seemed to help my lady with the application process more) I was so hopeful but terrified. My last reaction in Boston nearly ruined my whole trip and I had to wear sunglasses the entire time, even at night. And the reaction had even started to effect my upper eye lid hence the sunglasses. It was so uncomfortable. So I said a prayer and hoped for the best....

Nope...terrible reaction again...right eye only!! So needless to say I gave up. I am not really a give up kinda gal but in my defense I gave this my best shot. So a friend of mine told me about Grande Lash and I thought what do I have to lose? So I bought it...65.00 dollars plus tax...and have been using it for over a month now. AND I am just not seeing any difference, not even in the slightest. I use it twice daily and never forget an application. Argh.

Everyone keeps telling me that I need to try the new product from Rodan and Fields but I am just so tired of spending money on things that do not provide results. I am not opposed but I want more everyday people sharing their success stories with the product....true before and afters without mascara. I have yet to see anything I am just wowed by and I am very cautious about dropping more money down the drain. And I know you are going to tell me but Sam, Rodan and Fields has a money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose here. I hear ya but trust me...I am the girl who will miss the deadline or forget to send something back with the something...come on, let's be honest here. I will waste more time dealing with the return then it's worth. And I will have another product possibly sitting on my vanity collecting dust. I beg someone to gift it to me and prove it! HA!

In the mean time as I try to figure this out I was lucky enough to get introduced to Lilly Lashes. Kylie Jenner has raved about them for a long time and loves The Miami Lash. (3D Mink Lashes) And my makeup artist friend swears by these lashes. She uses them on all of her brides. We were getting ready to leave for Houston for Thanksgiving and I wanted to have lashes so I ordered a few different pairs. I did pick The Miami for a really glam look and then got some more everyday lashes. They are pricy but you will be able to get anywhere from 20-30 applications out of one pair so it really ends up being a good deal. I am in love with mine ! I know it's vain but I also think it's important to have the things in life that make us feel good and put that pep in our step or that mmph in the bat of the eye! So there is no shame in my game! I will keep these on hand even if I find a more permanent solution to my issue. I feel so glam when I am wearing them. I applaud Lilly Ghalichi !

You loves should try a pair or two. Save 10% off your entire order  using promo code FABULASH at check-out! 

And for anyone who has a more permanent solution for me please tell me in the comments or email me! I do really miss my lash extensions and am so so bummed that this reaction started all of a sudden. If you are a Rodan and Fields rep and have some success stories of your own to share with me, please email me. If it truly works I will order it tomorrow!