Exes and Oh Nos

I recently got reacquainted with my love for Poetry when my bff Jen introduced me to MUSED. (www.musedorganization.org) I used to spend every Sunday with all the great poets, mostly Bukowski, Wilde, and Plath. I have read every love letter front to back a million times from Love Letters of Great Men even before Carrie Bradshaw did in the SATC movie. 

I am not sure why I strayed . Life gets busy. Too busy. 

So Sunday (valentine's day) I grabbed a group and we went to Exes and Oh No's. (An anti Valentines Day performance) where some friends of mine were going to be reading from Charles Bukowski's Love is a Dog From Hell. People like myself would then have the opportunity to write a poem of their own to share. Muses email to me read...

Treat yourself to a date with your subconscious and get to the heart of your own animal. I mean how can you not want to go, am i right?! In one of their gram posts they had a photo of a Valentine's day card they created with Bukowski's TRAPPED where they kissed it with a bright red lippy and in the post they said "Let's not over complicate this relationship. It's Anti_Valentine's Day and we can't wait to eye you from the corner of the room." ARE THESE PEOPLE SERIOUS BECAUSE I FREAKING LOVE THEM were my thoughts?!

Anyway...went to the gorgeous event, had an amazing time, wrote a quick little poem about an Ex and Oh No called "Never Date a Landscaper". It won second place earning me bragging rights and a sushi dinner for two. But even better...my love for poetry and reading and writing has been reignited. I needed this !!!