My To-Do list is never ending. As soon as I am able to clear a few things off, more things just get added. Everyday lately is just honestly incredibly stressful and when I get this way...I actually shut down. Like just grab a coffee and stare at a wall and do nothing because I am physically paralyzed. So naturally I am scrolling through insta and I see this quote..."Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all." (Nathan W. Morris)

These words ignite my fire and TA-DA...it's FINALLY time to tackle my bedroom vanity.... ! Lin could not be more excited. He's so tired of knocking over my face powder every time he reaches for his toothbrush. I so wish I had the space for my own private dressing boudoir but I will just have to settle for the space that I have in our master bedroom and I will not be investing in anything for this except a mirror. 

Only 4 years later but hey...someone give me a pat on the back. Or a cupcake!

I have been searching for the perfect vanity mirror and just two weeks ago discovered this gem in a client's storage unit. It was the best moment ever and I knew it was exactly what I had envisioned in my head. It's now mine and is going to compliment my vanity just perfectly !!! Isn't she easy on the eyes?!

I  am not exactly the poster girl for having my stuff-or my life- in order (as you can see from pics above) and the fact that I am putting all this on display to the world...well at least it's making me get some of these things off of that To-Do list. I think I might be even be chronically disorganized. 

My bathroom window ledge. The bottom of my purse. My car. The pocket of my leather jacket. The clutch I used once, on NYE. What do all these things have in common? They are all accidental graveyards for my beauty products. I know my makeup is so chaotic because I really do not have a set place that I have created for myself to keep things and have a nice cozy setting to do my makeup. I one, either stand and do my makeup or throw stuff in several makeup bags and sit on my bed.....It's a hot mess.

I, today just found a MAC eyeshadow that I bought twice because I couldn't find the first one. The average women spends close to 61/2 hours a week (or roughly two weeks per year) getting ready, a 2014 AOL/Today show finding, and all though the study didn't delve into it, I imagine at least a few hours of those two weeks involve rummaging through shelves and makeup bag for that lip gloss you just used yesterday or the bronzer you swear you just had in your hand. 

Seriously I just dumped everything into a bowl and raided my kitchen for some things I could use for my vanity. It's not perfect but it's a start. I can actually see every single item and everything has a place. I stored my hair tools in the drawers along with my other not so glam but essential things. Natural light is your bff and  I love being right in front of the window with a downtown Tulsa view. In my perfect world, my vanity would sit directly in front of a huge bay window with gorgeous peach floor to ceiling curtains or french doors overlooking my estate in Provence....but the downtown view will have to do for now.  I am very happy with my DIY space all though I do want to add a white shag rug. What do you think?!

Feels amazing to be productive on a brisk Saturday morning!! 

Really going to miss this night view...I think. 

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