I have been obsessed with long locks as long as I can remember. I have always had long hair but I will never forget the first time a stylist in Dallas put clip in extensions for an event I had. It was love at first sight and an immediate addiction. They added so much fullness..instant pussycat doll hair. (Kinda showing my age here but Kim Kardashian was not on anyone's radar... ...The Pussycat dolls though..OMFG!) And I had a major #wcw on Nicole Scherzinger and had to have her hair!!! I became obsessed with her hair actually. (And now if I could just get it in gear and get this rockin' body but that would require giving up tacos and pizza and that's a whole different story...)


I loved my clip in extensions and kept them for a good year. I would use them for special occasions..oh who am I kidding. I clipped those babies in almost everyday! (This is the norm in Dallas. I promise.  So trust. I fit right in.) But then being in the hair care industry at the time I met a great stylist and she talked me into finally committing to a full set of permanent hair extensions.  WOW. They were soooo expensive...over 2 grand on hair...completely doable, right? I was also in that chair for about 6 hours. All of a sudden I was feeling slight empathy for runway models. And the hair.... it was beautiful.


Extension hair just moves better. It's incredibly sexy and trust me when I say it turns heads...of both sexes. But OMG...the maintenance. I took great care of the extensions and ended up getting about 6 months wear out of them before it was time to take them out. I cried that day...and then continued to cry for weeks after, until summer came and I thought whew....thank goodness.  But then fall came again...

Having a hairdresser bestie definitely helped my extension budget and we both fell in love with Perfectress. ( And the major plus about these extensions is that there is zero damage to the hair that you have and if you take care of them you can get 9 months wear out of them !!! You will book a consultation so you and your hairdresser are both on the same page and you can decide on the color and length  you will be ordering. You then will book your appointment and fall in love! (if local to Tulsa, see Kendal at HQ salon) I have ordered many sets and love love love them!

(This is my hair without them)

(And this is my hair with them...)

If you have the budget and have my full approval. For those of us (me included recently) that do not want to invest the money or the time..clip in extensions are your best friend dollies!!! I just invested in another pair that I had colored to fit my balayage color that I currently have. They are so easy to put in yourself and give that extra volume I am lacking, esp right above the ears.

I LOVE these ! (Kaitlyn Bristowe uses these too and I love how natural her hair looked).

Since I'm really involved in my work out routine right now too the clip in extensions for occasion are the better option for me. Extensions and sweat are not the best suited for one another.  And the maintanence and care on them is super simple!

Looking after your human hair extensions is very important in order to increase their life of them. They do need some attention as they are going through the same conditions as your hair (fumes, sun, etc.) without the same oils and nutrients from your skin to combat the negative effects.

Washing Your Hair Extensions..

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles (you can find my fave brush at the end of the blog) from your extensions. Shop my favorite shampoo and conditioner too. Run them under warm water. Gently work the shampoo into the hair, mix some conditioner into your shampoo (about half and half) stroking downwards from the weft base (top) to the ends. Do not scrub, twist, or rub the hair. When clean, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed. Gently work conditioner into the extensions and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse conditioner out. Lay your clip ins on a towel to dry or blow dry on a low heat setting. Your human hair extensions will not require washing as often as your own hair, only wash when they start to look dull and lifeless. The less you wash, the longer they will last. And NEVER use anti-dandruff products on your extensions.

Brushing your extensions..

Hold your clip ins tightly around the top and brush knots out. Always start brushing knots out from the bottom of hair working your way up. You will love the brush I use !! It's not damaging and there is no breakage to the hair ! And do not brush your hair extensions when they are wet. I learned this lesson the hard way. 

Styling your extensions...

IF you use a straightening iron or curling iron always use a heat protector and use the lowest setting on your tools. Leaving the irons on the hair too long will scorch your hair extensions. 

Important Tips...

Store your clip ins with the clips closed and do not sleep in your extensions ! Using an argon oil or a Moroccan oil is also fabulous for your extensions. Coconut oil is great too. (What is coconut oil not good for..I seriously need to just pour that stuff on my whole life.) 

Also TRUE friends help wash and blow-dry each other's fake weaves at 2 a.m. Just ask Becca Tilley and Joelle Fletcher ....... (and if you have not noticed I am infatuated with The Bachelor...I give up.) 

You babes will not regret this new addiction! Just thank me later!


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