Everything is Bigger in Texas...



Everything is indeed bigger in Texas ya'll even the margaritas and the not so glam day after hang overs. Saturday was a brutal day for me at the Moto GP with those loud engines and I had to cancel my evening plans and surrender to the hot steamy shower, pjs and bed. I ended up sleeping a full 10 hours and was ready to go this morning! Whew...what a whirlwind . Queso could not even cure me ..and I tried two because in Austin..well queso..mounds and mounds of delicious queso! In my twenties this was definitely not an issue. At all. I enjoy cocktails socially but I also wonder what life would be like if I completely gave up drinking forever. I have a few friends doing this right now and I am really excited to hear about their journeys and check in on their progress. I have done 21 day, even 30 days and honestly it was not hard at all. 

Today was definitely better! Woke up early and headed to The Austin Eastside. I absolutely love love love this area of The ATX and need to really spend more time there. We had an amazing farm to table breakfast surrounded by 1950's pharmacy decor. In the 1950's the building  housed The Hillside Drugstore so they kept the original cabinetry and antique pharmacy displays. I am instantly in love, of course. Our breakfast was divine and the Of Montreal in my ears was equally fab . Highly highly recommend. 

As we are driving out of East Austin of course we see the line to Franklin's BBQ. They even bring along their chairs and playing cards to pass the time. It smells of heaven !

The weather again was absolutely amazing at The Moto GP races. We got so lucky this year.  Andrea Dovizioso, my love, did not win the race like I wanted though . With 15 laps to go Dani Pedrosa lost control of his bike as he came into turn 1 , slamming into the unsuspecting Dovi. Dovizioso just so happened to have gone slightly wide in the tricky first turn only to have been met with a thunderous hit from behind coming from Pedrosa's bike, which resulted in his retirement from the race. He sadly was just in the wrong place at the wrong time but it still stings big time. He was holding in 2nd place for the first few laps and looked great from turn 7. See it with your own eyes here. Completely stunned and broken hearted. Dovi just had this happen at a previous race in Argentina with another racer. Going to be upset about this one for a while. Dani did handle everything like a true gentlemen and apologized for his mistake so I do have mad respect for his sportsmanship. BUT DAMNIT ! ugh. The blue bonnets on the way home are breath taking and are slightly making me forget the pain I feel in my heart and I love seeing all the great cars that are on their way back home from The Lone Star Round up ! This green one makes me happy. 

We ended the night having dinner at Maudie's with my dear friend Karen and her sweet little family. She adopted the sweetest baby a year and a half ago and I finally got to meet him. He is the most precious little boy and shares my love for oversized vintage sunglasses !

Looking forward to spending the morning in Austin tomorrow before we continue our holiday in San Antonio ! We are coming for you Havana so get ready !

Nighty night !