GETTING TO KNOW MEAGAN FERGUSON: Tulsa's Elite Costume Designer.

I am seriously so thankful for all of my social media platforms that keep me connected to some pretty fabulous people in my community. I have really been engaging with some new fashionistas and fellow bloggers and really have been putting myself out there this last week as I am branding myself with my blog and growing my readership and instagram following. My digital strategist gives me weekly homework and we are knee deep in my instagram growth plan and a lot of the growth there comes from spending hours connecting with other people who are building as well. I have also applied to be a brand ambassador with 30 small companies who might want to collaborate with me. So as you can see, It's been really hard to balance my time with GoFrenchYourself  and my on-line high end designer and consignment shop  but I think I am close to finding that sweet spot. (Fingers crossed) I happen to follow the gram of a local girl whom I just adore, Meg Ferguson and through Insta and facebook, we have developed a solid internet friendship. And for those of you saying...internet friendship..that's so weird. In this day and age it's really not. I love her style, I love her story, and I love following all of her social media platforms. She loves traveling, Gossip Girl, and hello...girl after my very own heart! Plus she is a costume designer??! How amazing is that? I love costume design. I am fascinated with Milena Canonero and have no doubt in my mind Meg is going to soar in her career and be best friends with Milena and then I am going to be invited to brunch with the two of them ! Meg also has the best makeup game in town and don't even get me started on her perfect brows . And she has mastered the selfie game like no other ! I had to get to know her better and showcase her many talents to the world ! Thanks for the interview Meg. 

Meg grew up in KC, but her entire family lives in Tulsa. T-town has always been considered home for her. She did live in NYC  but came back to The Heartland after her grandma had a stroke. She currently works as a costume designer for Theatre Tulsa and BP designs, a dance wear brand. 

-Where do you shop?

I LOVE to thrift. I usually make my own clothes, but if not you will find me at the Salvation Army getting items I can repurpose. I have a lot of basic pieces that I get from stores like Uniglo, H&M and Mango. I also love shopping local. I live in Brookside, so I love Ida Red. You can't really go wrong with a vintage circle skirt and an "I ️HEART Tulsa" tee.  I do have a lot of pieces from Miss Jacksons. I worked there before I moved to New York to attend FIT.


-What is the most stylish spot in town? And the most stylish spot anywhere in The US

In town I would say Abersons. They have "chic" down!  In the US I would have to say Rag & Bone in NYC. They are in several cities, but I shopped at the one off Houston in NYC. 

 -Who is your style inspiration?

Daphne Guinness and Victoria Beckham.  Hands down.  Major #WomanGoals

 -What is your guilty pleasure?

Gossip girl. I aspire to do costuming for film and television. Gossip Girl was perfection from season one to season six.  Their costume designer, Eric Damon  made amazing choices with each character. The fashion was a character itself!! 

 -What was your first fashion moment?

This isn't the first, but it's the best... When I was the assistant designer for Shaping Sound, we had the premier in LA. There was a Red Carpet and everything.., I wore a dress I made for the occasion, and I got compliments on it all night from producers to the dancers themselves. It was the first time I really felt like, "ok, I must be good at this". 

(some of Meg's beautiful creations )

 -Oldest thing in your closet?

It would be my dad's Harley Davidson t-shirt from the 70's. I wear it all the time. 

 -What are you wearing today? 

 I'm in a pair of black jeans, a grey tank top, and a floor length plaid dress that I have made into a duster of sorts. 

 -From start to finish what would be your ideal food day?

Prague mocha from Shades of Brown, Brunch at Bramble, a tavern burger from Brady Tavern and I would end the night with a French Macaron from Antoinette's


-How do you practice beauty from the inside out?

Easy. Love. Love yourself, love others and the light and happiness that you bring to people is more beautiful than anything you put on your body! 

 -What's the best advice you ever received?

From an 80 year old Italian tailor at Brooks Brother in NYC, "Proper fit is everything. It doesn't matter how much you pay for something, if it doesn't fit well, the entire looks falls apart"

-The worst advice?

"Try to fit in" 

My uniqueness is what has given me incredible opportunities... I don't want to be like everyone else. I don't want to design like everyone else.


-The spring/summer item you are coveting?

Anything from Victoria Beckham's collection. She has this way of being chic with a sporty edge. I very much identify with her aesthetic

 -Your best project to date with costume design?

 ...making a costume for Kristin Chenoweth's national television special. Not only did KC like my costume, but Kenny Ortega (director of Hocus Pocus) told me it was "fabulous". 

 -Your favorite costume you ever made?

Oh man... That's tough! When you create something, every project is special, but probably my favorite was the costumes for a "twisted ball" scene for the Shaping Sound tour. It was Victorian England meets the apocalypse. Edgy but beautiful. Each piece in that scene was solely mine.  

Tell us more about costume design? A day in the life of a costume designer if you will?

Oh gosh! First let me say, coffee and research are a huge part of what I do! My job at the theatre specially, I do everything. Research, design, patterns, cut, stitch, and finish. My job is also in charge of the look and styling of the actors as well. Each day is different, but my favorite aspect of the job is research.

-Your favorite place to get coffee in Tulsa?

I frequent so many it's hard to choose! I go to Nordagio's  on 81st and Lewis every morning. Chris is awesome and is very knowledgeable about what he does! 

I'm a huge fan of Fair Fellows. Their nitro is supreme!

Every Saturday I go to Shades for my weekly Prague mocha. It's dark chocolate heaven.  

 -You are such a world traveler? What advice can you give to others who want to travel and experience the world?

 Buy a ticket and go! Don't wait for others to go with you. My first trip abroad was solo. 6 countries. It was life changing. I learned so much about the world and myself. Spend the money. Buy the ticket. "Stuff" is fleeting but memories and relationships made while traveling you will remember forever. It's worth it. 

-Advice you would give to women waking up and looking in the mirror and getting dressed?

Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Don't dress for anyone else. Take that selfie of your outfit. Don't be shy! 

 -Speaking of selfies, you are a pro? What's the secret??

Haha, it's all about the lighting and knowing how to hold your face. Seriously, lighting can change everything. 

-You have the most flawless makeup of anyone I know! Can you share your secrets...especially  those brows ?!!!

Haha. One of the most frequent compliments I get are on my brows! As far as make- up, it all starts with skin! Taking care of your skin should be your top priority. I discovered  Perricone MD products a year ago. Expensive, but worth every penny! As far as make- up goes, I switch from Tarte to Nars. Your skin can grow accustomed to make up. Switch it up. Tarte is vegan. That's incredibly important to me for my base products. I

For my brows, I start with a hard line drawing out the lower part of my brow, arching just so around my pupal. Then I fill in with brow powder from Benefit cosmetics, and finish with a brow wax! 

-Whats next for you? 

Hollywood;-) i see a move in the next year or so. I want to be this generations Edith Head

All eyes are on you sweet Meg ! Looks like it's time to commission this love to make me a dress !!! And I need this Prague mocha ASAP!

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