Spring Texas Getaway

Miles and miles south with sunshine and a great playlist...OH and my personal chauffeur. 
We did so good yesterday. Lin is so not a morning person so usually my dreams of leaving the house for a road trip by 7 am are pretty much impossible. He did soooo good though this go around and we were in the Volvo by 7:45. We dropped off our sweet furry pooches at camp (they cried and I cried) and then headed south on 75. I have done this drive probably a million times and it's sooooo boring but I do love the car time where me and my fox can catch up and just be. It's so crazy to me that you can live with someone but if you have a hectic schedule like I do I seriously see Lin for like ten minutes in the morning and then at dinner and then I fall asleep right after my bath. I give so much of myself to everybody that by 8 p.m I have nothing really left to give. So road trips really give us a chance to really fall in love all over again!

I have been wanting to do a stop over in Waco, Texas now for months to see the gorgeous Magnolia Market . I have been reading Joanna Gaines blog for quite some time now and I love her esthetic. Her show on HGTV is entertaining also. Anyway I adored her blog post about the downtown Waco silos and why she loved this place. It's a part of the past that she is drawn to, the way things used to be, the simpler times. She says there is a place in all of us that longs for a simpler place and time and she hopes the silo location will be a place where others feel the same sense to put their gadgets and phones up, relax and take a break from the rush and demands of life. This is the perfect beginning to a long awaited and needed vacation for me...where I strongly need to detach from my business for a bit. I cannot even tell you how difficult it is to have a start up. And for those of you who do...breathe with me. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. 

The Silos are gorgeous. I so want to put my phone up Joanna like you want me to do...but first I must get some photos of the beautiful space you have created. It was a gorgeous day so lots of people were out and about . Shopping , lawn games, food trucks, cold pressed juice, the gardens...there is something for everyone here ! I wanted every single thing in the market and left The Silos feeling very inspired . I love spaces that fuel my creative juices and ignite my 5 senses. I cannot wait to go back . I also think I need my own little crepe cart !!!! Simply adorable !!!!!

Austin is calling our names so we continue our journey south. I immediately feel right at home the second we arrive. I love seeing all the Ducati bikes all over the place as everyone is in town for the MOTO GP.....including us !

We check into the gorge South Congress Hotel. It's an absolute gem. The room is fantastic ! Instantly see their hangers which reminds me of my logo . I then am eager to check work email. Lin says no ! So we freshened up real fast and then hit the hotel's First Thursday event. They have drinks in the courtyard, live music, and art. Soooo much fun!

We enjoyed a delish dinner (best risotto) and plenty of margaritas (margaritas are a must) at the divine South Congress Cafe and were in bed by 10p.m. BALANCE ladies and gentlemen.

Balance. But don't worry...I did eat some of this mexican chocolate in my robe and read Lucky Peach for a bit...(this hotel leaves you Lucky Peach) I mean come on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you already Hotel South Congress!

Waking up here was perfect and we are so excited for the moto races today !!!! And my fox is glaring at me to turn this thing off !! He needs an americano ! Until later loves...

Happy FRI-YAY!