Ghost Hunters

On Thursday morning we loaded up the car and headed straight to The Ozarks to take sweet Zoe on that Eureka Springs adventure. We booked a ghost tour and it was the only thing on her mind! The drive is gorgeous and it is the perfect time to get some Spanish lessons in to pass the time. It was a short one night adventure but we had the best time. Eureka Springs was incredibly hot and humid but we did our best exploring and taking photos. We arrive and check into The Basin Park Hotel to quickly freshen up and drop off our luggage. I love the old phone that you use to call The Basin shuttle service. We had discovered some amazing bed and breakfasts and other boarding houses along the way too that I made note of. A lot of them are not really on-line and the ones that I did see had a two night booking minimum. The Basin is easy with a one night booking minimum and the price is right if you are on a budget. Eureka Springs has lots of steep roads and stairs so trust me, I even wear flats. This is no place for heels! 

We then explored on foot. Eureka has so many interesting things to see. There are so many hidden nooks and layers so have your eyes wide open. I wanted to explore more but the summer heat was so intense. Being covered in sweat is not really appealing either and have you seen my hair in humidity??

It was time to cool off in AC with watermelon agua frescas and tacos at one of our fave places. Love the funky retro decor and the music they play is amazing. P.S. The spicy watermelon margaritas were divine too. 

We then did some shopping and made our way to The Crescent Hotel which is also America's most haunted hotel.We booked a paranormal ghost tour for 8:00 p.m so with The Crescent's haunted history, it was the perfect thing to get us in the ghost sighting mood. I told Zoe the stories that I had heard of the famous spirits including Michael, the Irish stonemason who fell to his death while building the hotel in 1885, Theodora, the cancer patient of the Dr. Baker hospital days who seems to need help finding her room key, Norman Baker in his white suit and lavender shirt, Morris the cat, a mystery patient in a white nightgown who appears in the luxury suites at the foot of your bed or any of the innumerable…

Oh my goodness. Time for the beautiful view and some wine for me and a shirley temple for my girl.

We had a delicious dinner at Ermilio's and then met our tour guide for our paranormal ghost tour. We toured  some of the most actively haunted sites in and around Eureka Springs and learned how to hunt ghosts with an EMF meter and even communicated with the paranormal. We passed and discussed stories of interesting landmarks, such as the Basin Park, Civil War Hospital Cave, Carry A. Nation home and the Jailhouse Cave and The Maplewood Manor. The Manor was definitely my favorite story and being so close to it on foot gave me that eerie feeling you seek when you book these tours. I plan to do more research on the history there.We loved that this tour was a combination of van and foot exploration. Shaggy, the van had great AC. We explored an active site, along with hearing the rich stories and history of Eureka Springs. That part was fascinating. I never knew how Mud Street got it's name and I learned so much about how Eureka came to be. There is a reason that Eureka Springs had more mortuaries, funeral homes, and undertakers per each citizen than most other U.S. cities. I highly recommend this tour! Our guide was funny and incredibly knowledgeable as he was born and raised in Eureka. I had done The Crescent's ghost tour before and loved it too. I would love to visit during Halloween. I hate being frightened but I also love it too and am a bit of a dare devil. 

It was rather hard to sleep in our hotel after hearing the history of it but luckily there were no ghost sightings to tell you about. This time!

Definitely go by The Thorncrown Chapel. I talked about this in my Eureka guide. Zoe now wants to get married here too. HA!

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