Adventures With Melvin & Henry

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Henry and Melvin exploring in Colorado Springs. (Photo by JD Woofter)

Henry and Melvin exploring in Colorado Springs. (Photo by JD Woofter)

My sweet boyfriend and me, along with our two adorable dogs Melvin and Henry are moving to Barcelona in January 2017. Am I excited? Yes. Am I stressed? Yes. Am I freaking out? Yes. Not only is there is so much to do for Lin and I but we also have two sweet pups that we are responsible for too. This process is very intense. Doggy passports are involved with a trip to OKC twenty-one days before our flight for special shots. Not twenty, not twenty two, it has to be twenty one. Easy, right? We talked to our vet and our airline and decided that we would rent a car and drive to NYC and take one flight to Spain with the dogs in the cargo bins sedated. We decided NYC because it's the furthest point that we can get to without driving into the ocean and the shortest distance to Barcelona for us and our sweet pups. Easy, right??! No! Absolutely no.

I started doing my research and hearing stories from friends and started having major anxiety around my dogs being in crates sedated in the dark with all that noise and luggage. These boys are members of our family and I just cannot bear anything happening to them down there. My sweet friend Brooke had experience with living abroad in France for a Summer with her sweet dog and gave me an excellent resource where I could get my dogs certified to be Emotional Support Animal's. Excellent advice! But oh gosh, have you seen my cute spotted pups in a public place?? I couldn't even imagine them in the airport yet alone the actual airplane. I knew we needed obedience classes.These two precious animals are so important to us. The month without them would be agonizing but we had to move forward on this. So off they went for thirty days to Colorado Springs. And let me tell you we do not pack lightly. I am not sure who is worse really: me or the dogs!

But I have to make sure they have their essentials including their Beneful Originals food. Purina's Beneful dry dog food has been reformulated based on customer feedback and now features meat as the #1 ingredient, and has no sugar added. This was incredibly important to us as we only want to feed them a quality product with familiar ingredients. Melvin and Henry love Beneful Originals with Real Chicken. They love the texture and taste. Not only does this have chicken as the main ingredient but it also has carrots, tomatoes, and avocados. YUM. I am making a dish using these ingredients myself for dinner tonight so it's perfectly fitting that I would feel good about feeding my dogs this dog food. Love that Beneful listened to their customers and did their two years of extensive research to create a superior product and one I can conveniently buy at my local Target when I am grabbing my household items and beauty products! 

Make note of my travel essentials checklist for my dogs.  I make sure to pack these every road trip we take and of course will be making sure I have everything for our ten hour plane trip to Barcelona! I am thrilled to tell you that Henry and Melvin are officially ESA animals. They get to accompany me in the cabin and their obedience training is going so great. I feel so confident about the journey across the pond with them.

  1. Plenty of Beneful food
  2. Bite Size treats
  3. Water
  4. Bowls for water and food
  5. Toys (Henry cannot go anywhere without that fish)
  6. Bones
  7. Eye Wipes
  8. Ear wipes
  9. Teeth wipes to freshen breath and clean teeth.
  10. Waste Bags 
  11. Nail clippers and file
  12. Blanket
  13. Bow ties (fashion first)
  14. ESA vests
  15. ESA paperwork

What travel essentials do you carry along for your dogs?! 

Just look at these two dapper pups! These pics were taken by their trainer JD in Colorado Springs. We will be reunited on Friday morning after 30 long days and I seriously am going to cry. I miss these dogs terribly!