Let's Adventure// (Trinidad Co)

I enjoy going on motorcycle trips and stopping in small towns and enjoying drinks with the locals. -George Clooney   

I enjoy going on motorcycle trips and stopping in small towns and enjoying drinks with the locals. -George Clooney

George Clooney is a wise man, no?! So is my fox. Lin and I booked a trip to Santa Fe to see our good friend Joy and also see Deepak Chopra in Albuquerque. Deepak has always been on his bucket list. He got a wild hair and suggested we make the trip longer and take Ramona, our BMW motorcycle, all through Colorado to explore the small mountain and prairie towns. I of course said yes! Let's adventure, Lin, let's adventure. And adventuring on the back of a BMW motorcycle is my favorite way to see the world.

This was also the first time I aced my moto packing and aced my motorcycle attire and I will be sharing all that with you on a future post after the long journey! Still trying out a new pair of pants and some gloves and want to make sure they ride well before recommending. I also have some tips for you girls on how to make this sport more enjoyable for you. It's been a long 6 years on the bike through may journeys and over time it got easier for me but through lots of trial and error. So no need to reinvent the wheel. Safety is a must but I have found some ways to be safe and fashionable and am incredibly practical with my packing. All though I do bring along a pair of heels and some jewelry for a fancy dinner or two.

But dying to share my adventures with you thus far.

Wednesday was a super long day. We left TUL at 5:30 a.m and drove straight through to Trinidad Colorado stopping in Clayton New Mexico for a late lunch. The panhandle was even windier then usual if you can even imagine that. So after a long 9 hours on the bike including my first hail storm I was ready for a shower and a cocktail. One thing I can tell you is that New Mexico skies are my very favorite. They are the prettiest in all the land.

We checked into our hotel which was nothing fancy just a Days Inn but I can highly recommend it. It was clean and had gorgeous mountain views. Being the control freak that I am and not having a concrete plan with reservations is tough for me but I am riding the wave this time and trusting Lin on this Colorado journey. We map it every night and sorta go from there. Luckily the Days Inn had a few rooms because there really was not much lodging in Trinidad. 

After showers, we were so exhausted that Lin actually grabbed a pizza to go from a local downtown spot and some beer from a liquor store and we ended up eating pizza in bed and caught the American Horror Story season 6 premiere. And Oh my goodness. I am loving a lot of the season one flashbacks. I did want to sleep with every light on in the hotel but I absolutely loved every minute. I have a feeling it might be my favorite season. It's slowly been going downhill for me after season 3 so I am thrilled with where this one is going. 

We slept in and then grabbed some coffee and breakfast from a cafe we found on Main Street. Every town has a Main street! And then we explored Trinidad. The old historic downtown area is great for strolling on foot with a camera.

Cute place. I love all of the detail in the buildings and the landscape around Trinidad is just gorgeous. And there was not one cloud in the sky. 

Up next: Scenic drive to Pueblo!

Thanks for traveling along.