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Love is all around here in Aspen. We have seen so many engagement shoots and bridal parties. I am also in awe in all of these women's wedding rings that I am surrounded by. I mean I would be terrified to wear something that luxurious out of the house in fear I would lose it. Some of these rings literally leave me breathless and I get a neck spasm from turning my head as the diamonds captivate my eyes. I have been on the road for almost a week with my sweetie exploring Colorado's small and well not so small towns. Of course romance is involved but being in tight quarters with someone for a long period of time also has it's challenges.

Lin went to go get a massage today while I opted to stay here in our lovely hotel with a hot bath, a mud mask, a top coat for my nails, and some much needed down time to write. And honestly it's perfect for us. We are a unified strong couple but my fox and me like to enjoy things alone too. I require it really and am so glad I found my match that gives me my space without thinking something is wrong. I had a boyfriend once and his common questions to me were always "What's wrong? Did I do something? Are you mad at me? Why didn't you text me back in like two hours? " OMG..Next please. That is so suffocating and obnoxious. Anyhow, this afternoon was the perfect day to revisit an interview I did with my friend Kat and get it published to the blog. I tend to think of her as a love and romance expert. She has given me advice plenty of times on the very topic and I appreciate her don't settle approach. I always say Wild Horses. And for all the single ladies out there or for the couple testing the water, just remember wild horses will not hold a man back from what he wants. My mom told me this years ago and she was right!

Kat and her boyfriend "G" are the cutest and I got up close and personal with them on how they make their relationship work. I learned so much from this and hope you find something from it too. 

So here you are Lunar Eclipse lovers! 


-How did you and Greg meet?

Our mutual friend, Chuck Foxen, introduced us. Chuck said he had a friend who is just as crazy as I am about food. I said no way, but then received a link to a “What the Fork” segment featuring Greg. I told Chuck I had to meet this mustachioed guy to pick his brain about local, hidden restaurant gems.  After several lunches (featuring delicious Moonsky’s and Greg’s first Lone Wolf  experience) at Circle with the staff, Greg asked me out. 

-How long have you been together?

Depends on whom you ask. Greg likes to say our anniversary is the day of our first lunch and handshake at Circle on February 15, 2013.  I say it’s March 2nd – the day of our first real date and when I fell in love. Greg is wrong. 

-What is the secret to a long lasting relationship?

Whiskey for starters, then for us, respect, communication, humor and adventure are the secrets to our relationship. 

-What are your 5 tips to keep the romance alive throughout a relationship?

1.  Pay attention.  If your partner is stressed, sick, etcetera, be helpful and supportive.  Knowing someone has my back makes me feel more connected, and therefore, romantic. 

2.  Choose romance.  People often think romance will just appear.  It doesn’t.  Romance is an active process that each partner has to choose to initiate. 

3.  Surprise.  A kind gesture or gift is most romantic when the receiver isn’t expecting it. 

4. Start traditions. If romance isn’t your thing, start personal traditions such as recreating the first date or watching specific movies during holidays.  They can serve as a jumping off point for a chance to connect. 

5. Collect life experiences in lieu of gifts.  Adventure, travel or time together is the ultimate romantic gift. 

-Ways to keep the passion alive?

It’s okay if your significant other goes out on the town or has a hobby without you.  Giving each other personal time allows the opportunity to discuss new topics or remember why you love each other when you reunite. 

-What little things do you do for each other to keep the romance alive?

Greg is the king of surprise!  I’ve found earrings in the curtains, flowers at my esthetician’s office and Glacier chocolates at work.   I tend to plan romance around other things we are doing; one year I had matching pajamas monogrammed with our initials and only presented them after we arrived in our destination city and one Valentine’s Day I wrote 28 love notes (one for each day of the month) and sent them to Greg daily. 

-Favorite date night to date In Tulsa? In another city?

Our favorite date night to date in Tulsa would have to be our first date.  We met at the Campbell Hotel for a drink where Greg presented me with a set of chopsticks to serve as a guide to pick our dinner location. We dined at Golden Gate and then enjoyed butterscotch pie at Antoinette’s.  The date was going so well (I think neither of us wanted it to end!), we added a nightcap at The Alley.  We now use the chopsticks every year on our anniversary. 

My favorite date night in another city, and in fact my favorite travel story, is the Penrose Room in Colorado Springs, CO.  After lunching in Denver, we picked up the rental car and drove up Pike’s Peak – I simply had to experience those famous donuts (look them up!)! The weather drastically changed in that time and they closed the mountain – no more cars could go up.  The icy rain, fog and snow were so thick we literally got lost in the parking lot trying to find the car! During a routine brake check going down, a park ranger asked if we’d do him a favor.  A local couple was hiking up the mountain when they closed the trails due to the weather.  They had no way to get back down.  We obliged.  They were the friendliest couple and when asked where to eat, they mentioned Penrose Room at the Broadmoor.  Two nights later we enjoyed all the romance, dinner and dancing that a 5 Star 5 Diamond restaurant could offer.

-Favorite places to travel together?

We absolutely love Arkansas.  It’s close enough for a weekend trip, but far away enough to experience different architecture and landscape.  It’s great for everything from biking and hiking to relaxing spa getaways to great museums and restaurants. 

-You are the queen of planning Kat, especially when it comes to birthdays! In July you surprised G with a month full of surprises. Loved the envelopes: skills, thrills, chills, swills...can you tell us about this in detail??!

For Greg’s birthday this year, I had already found several food-themed romantic food cards (yes, they exist).  Randomly a few years ago, I learned Greg had never zip lined, so I put it on my to do list.  Post Oak Lodge came up, and I booked a day of activities for the Sunday before Labor Day (we’ve made a tradition of celebrating the end of summer by swimming.  Last year we visited the Lew Wentz pool and Marland Mansion in Ponca City).  Also, the Blue Bell factory was having an upcoming festival and since G is obsessed with ice cream, that would be perfect.   Then it hit me – “Thrills and Chills.”  I only had to come up with two other ideas to use the remaining cards.  “Skills” is for a stained glass making class and “Swills” is for a winery tour in Edmond; both are planned for this fall.   

-Your latest romantic weekend at the Post Oak Lodge... Give me all the deets?

Just this summer, Post Oak Lodge began offering day passes for patrons to utilize their amenities without renting any of the lodges.  The unlimited day pass gave us access to the zip line (as many trips as we wanted), swimming, trails, volleyball and horseshoes.  We started with zip lining.  It was wonderful to step off the platform and zip through the trees of Osage County.  After zip lining, we visited the main lodge to check in and get drinks for the pool.  They offer poolside bar and food service (bar snacks), so we enjoyed beer, hot dogs and French fries. 

-Fave things to do together in TUL?

Our favorite things to do in Tulsa together are to attend festivals and fundraisers (Greek Fest, State Fair, Oktoberfest, Top of the Town), visit the Gilcrease and Philbrook museums for new exhibits and enjoy concerts at Cain’s Ballroom or BOK center. 

-Do dates have to cost a lot? What are some creative things you guys do together on a budget?

Dates definitely do not have to be expensive.  We love to ride bicycles to our neighborhood park and enjoy a bottle of wine.  Also, we like to thrift and antique hunt, so we visit our favorite local shops or estate sales often.  Window-shopping is free, so we often pair it with a churro and coffee from Pancho Anaya or coneys from our favorite Coney I-Lander.  Our absolute favorite thing to do together is grill.  If we are on a budget, we’ll gladly grill steak at home and enjoy sitting on the porch with our dogs. 

-Sweet gestures that you do for one another? 

As Cancers, Greg and I both enjoy a cozy home.  We do little things around the house for each other.  I like to get into a bed that’s been made at night, so G makes the bed.  G, in the morning, likes to stare out the window, like an 85 year old man, so I open all the curtains.

-Never go to bed angry? Or get some rest and talk about it in the morning?

Get some rest and talk in the morning.  I’m a stanch believer in the saying “A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.”

-Any other tips you would like to share?

All you need to grill the perfect steak is olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. 

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