Morning Rituals

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“When you’re happy, relaxed, and free of stress, the body can accomplish amazing, even miraculous, feats of self-repair.”    ― Lissa Rankin

“When you’re happy, relaxed, and free of stress, the body can accomplish amazing, even miraculous, feats of self-repair.” 
― Lissa Rankin

Growing up I thought people only took supplements when they were ill and then low and behold I turned 30 one day and have been taking daily supplements for various things for 6 years now. Just like my beauty routine with fabulous rosewater moisturizers and charcoal detox masks, my supplements have become a part of my morning rituals. Coffee, breakfast, a big glass of H20 with fresh lemon or lime, a great inspiration piece, and my turmeric obsession start the day off on the perfect foot. Gwyneth Paltrow can be thanked for that after all the rave about her turmeric lattes.

It was also amazing to find out I was not getting the full benefit from my spice rack too even though I thought I was. Regular turmeric is often poorly absorbed and contains only 5% curcuminoids by weight. The youtheory Turmeric is 95% curcuminoids. Impressive, right?!

The prior formula was 450 mg turmeric per 3 tablets but the amazing new formula is 1,000 mg turmeric per 2 capsules making that 3x the amount of turmeric per capsule. The product is enhanced with Black Pepper Extract to improve absorption by 20 fold. I also love the fact that they are dairy free, soy free, and contain no gluten ingredients. So this is absolutely perfect for you vegan dears. These are vegan capsules! The new packaging is also gorgeous. (I am such a sucker for pretty packaging) And you guys, turmeric supports healthy inflammation response, healthy skin, healthy joints, and provides the best antioxidant properties. These capsules also support exercise recovery for sore tired muscles from that intense cycle class or that 5 mile jog. Talk about feeling great and youthful like I once did in my 20's! And to cook again without all that pain in my hand joints. Insert all of the praise hand emoji's here. You guys!

So just make sure you grab the new packaging. It's so easy to locate in Costco. It has the bright orange label on top, 1000 mg will be printed on the front, and it's 120 capsules!

THE body is like any piece of equipment -- if it's not serviced properly it won't function. And like a car going at its best with a full tank of gas, the body needs the right kind of fuel to operate at its maximum potential. But as you get older, the more will your body begin to need additional supplements to balance the carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water that is already required. So be kind to yourselves. Health is a feeling of youth.

Deciding what supplements you should take and why can be super confusing so I wanted to compile an easy guide for you with some of the more common issues I always hear people struggle with. This information has been provided by an Ayurveda teacher in my hometown. So to all my girlinas in their 30's, do not be afraid of supplements. Add these to your morning health and beauty routines as needed. 

  • Sleep deprived: Magnesium, CoQ10, Acetyl Glutathione
  • Feeling low: B Complex, Powdered Greens, Acetyl Glutathione
  • Stressed to the max: Acetyl Glutathione, B Complex, Magnesium, L-Theanine
  • Needing to shed some pounds: MCT oil, Alpha-lipoic acid, Acetyl Glutathione
  • Immunity boosting: Acetyl Glutathione, Probiotics, MCT Oil
  • Backed up: Powdered greens, Magnesium
  • Needing healthy inflammation response support: Turmeric 

I am also noticing reductions in pain and fatigue and am noticing an improvement in my overall mood. I have lots of energy throughout the day and generally just feel fantastic. I will always make this apart of my morning ritual. 

What are your favorite supplements and why??