Texas Watermelon Sweet Tea

Happy Sunday you guys! 

So last week Lin and I made a little trek out to Claremore, Oklahoma. We needed to pass some time and had heard some great things about The Pink House. And you guys...they have Texas watermelon sweet tea! (They have it in an un-sweet version too) I am so excited about this. You have no idea. This Texas girl's heart just exploded. 

There's a place in my beloved Dallas, Texas called Twisted Root Burger Co. and I would seriously make a trip to Deep Ellum several times a week on a nice day just for the watermelon sweet tea. 

So yes, I will be the girl driving to Claremore for tea. All though I saw they just opened up a location in Owasso but have no idea which is actually closer. I know the backroad drive from downtown Tulsa to Claremore was absolutely  beautiful. (Take Highway 20 and thank me later) We will have to take the motorcycle out there when the weather warms up. And speaking of the weather warming up, 70 degrees Tuesday...hmmm I see a moto adventure to Pink House on my agenda. 

Does anyone have a recipe out there that they love for watermelon sweet tea?!