Mix & Match Fabrics

I would love to think I am the queen of mixing clothes of different fabrics for an overall amazing effect. 

How to match fabrics

The rule to mixing and matching fabrics is very easy; what you should do is opt for fabrics that are quite contrasting, but not too different. You need to have a bit of an eye for this and I really encourage you to experiment a lot in order to be able to tell where that fine line is between “contrasting” and “too different”. For example, if you mix cotton with denim, that is a good combination, as the two fabrics look and feel similar. However, mixing denim with a very smooth material, reserved for formal settings only will make the contrast so high that the two pieces will simply reject each other and will not look harmonious at all. You do not want to look as though you are in a circus. 

Of course, it is not wrong to make a fashion statement and wear the same fabric from head to toe, but then you should really affirm it. I have really been loving a good denim on denim look even mixing washes and if done right, this is such an amazing look. I have been seeing this so much from the Paris fashion scene.

Why wear different fabrics

The reason why you should wear clothes that are made from different fabrics is because they each have their own texture and look and, combined, they will result in a visually interesting combination. As you can see in arts and nature, things that have different textures and levels of hardness go together well. 

I personally love tweed and velvet and velvet and silk. Velvet is so so big this season and I think we are still going to see a lot of it this Spring as well as next Fall/Winter. I am loving elements of fur together with sequins and even some leather. Try something new and see what you come up with!



Dress is from Love Shack Fancy //Velvet bag is from Beau & Arrow // Sequins blazer is from Hunt No More// and Fur coat is Vintage. 

Pics by Samantha Smith.

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