Mini Style Story with Angilee Nichol

Festival Season and Spring flowers are both in full bloom all over my insta feed. Seriously just take a look at the trending hashtag #underthefloralspell  but do not blame me for all the work you miss this evening doing so though!  Cannot wait to see all the fashion from Coachella today and all weekend. I will be swooning over all of my favorite bloggers photos wishing I was there. And for those of you eagerly anticipating weekend two, it was perfect timing to showcase the style of my friend Angilee  for some fresh outfit inspiration for you. (Her closet would be the one I would rummage through for any festival!)  Although I personally adore a free-spirited bohemian look all year round, festival season is MY favorite excuse to indulge in my inner flower child. 

Thrilled for you to meet this free spirit babe of mine....

 I have admired her effortless style for what seems like forever. Angilee has a certain style of dressing I call self-smartness. The way she puts things together shows imagination. And I love her I just don't give a fuck attitude when it comes to pushing some boundaries. She has this amazing sense of humor and is one of the "realest" people I know. She will definitely tell you that you look fat in that dress if you ask if she thinks it's not flattering. I appreciate that in someone! Just see what she had to say when I asked her about her current hometown..Dallas. BRUTAL HONESTLY's so refreshing. 

Q & A with Angilee: 

-Go-to style inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from the past. I just recreate it with my own spin. I don't have one identity, it's all over the place. When I'm asked how I describe my style, I always say...A mixed radio station; the best of 70's, 80's and today. 

-Last purchase?

Jack in the Box tacos, but that's probably not what you meant. All white Vans Sk8-Hi's, I'm not big on sneakers any more, but you definitely need a couple options in rotation, and I always opt for high tops. 

-Favourite item of clothing in your closet right now? 

My camo jacket. It's basically the coconut oil of my wardrobe. I put it on anything and it makes it better. 

-Favourite places to shop?

Thrift stores

-Favourite vintage hunting ground? Why?

I have the best luck in Tulsa, at least I did years ago before all the youths decided to like high wasted shorts and acid washed too. I feel like this is a "hey you kids, get off my lawn" moment. 

-Favourite fashion city? And Why?

That's tough, but I guess I'd say LA, just because there's so many people there that have no fear. You're surrounded by allllll types of people, so I think LA gives people the courage to wear what they want without concerns of judgement. You can walk out on the streets looking crazy, and chances are there's going to be someone who looks even crazier. Plus LA is a city that you can wear your whole closet all year round; you can layer up or strip down, so the outfit combinations are endless. 

-Favourite fashion designer?

I really don't follow designers.

-Favourite upcoming label?

Yeah, you got me, I don't pay attention to labels. eek!

-Must-have fashion item for summer?

For most, I'm sure it would be a new pair of statement sunnies, or a crisp white tee...but for me, it's the same high wasted denim cut offs I wore last Summer. I deemed them my All Summer '16 shorts, but I think I can squeeze another season out of them.

-Favourite trend for spring/summer? 

So I had to refer to WhoWhatWear because I had no idea what the trends were. I clearly don't keep up, I just wear what I like, half the time I'm on trend, others not so much. So one of the trends was "Playing Peekaboo", basically wearing see-thru items showing whatever you have on under. Swimsuits, bandeus, and bralettes are often my choice for tops in the Summer, so I'll call that one my favorite. 

-Your biggest fashion disaster? 

I'm sure I've worn plenty of questionable outfits, but I can't think of any true disasters. I faintly remember a polyester pant and auto-mechanic garage shirt phase though. Any time I wear a deep V without toupee tape it's a bit of a struggle, but no full on disasters yet, besides I think my Lyft drivers appreciate the free show. 5 stars!

-Most comfortable outfit?

joggers, with an oversized shirt, and a bootie

-Latest beauty discovery?

Super Goop setting mist. I don't wear foundation, but I think it still sets my powder. If not, it still smells awesome and has SPF 50 and I'm pretty bad about applying daily sunblock otherwise.

-Most surreal fashion experience to date?

How many other women compliment my style. I think a lot of folks would rather hate, so I always am surprised when someone makes the effort to pay a compliment to a stranger. It is always appreciated. It really is the small the things. 

-Special tips and tricks for buying vintage?

 Have a good go-to tailor. You can make a $5 dress look like a $100 dress with some alterations. 

-Fave places to be seen in Dallas? 

Anywhere outside of it. I leave town as often as I can.

- One weekend in Dallas..what should we do, see, eat, sip, etc,

Keep driving to Austin. Ha! I really have no clue, I frequent the same 3 places, and they wouldn't be places I suggest to folks visiting. Best bet is to jump on one of the Dallas blogs, they seem to know the places to be. 

- What’s next for Angilee? 

Oh man, open to suggestions. I just quit my full time job, so the scramble for employment will be in the cards. But before then, I'm thinking about living in Portland for a couple months to see if that could potentially be my next home. If anyone has job leads...hollar.

What look of Angilee's are you most inspired to rock?!!

Happy Good Friday my darlings..........



Linked some of my fave inexpensive festival pieces below!