Best Essential Oils for Energy and Sleep Featuring Doterra

So I am assuming you and I share the same reality here...

This all too familiar scenario.....

It’s a Monday night and you’ve gotten all settled into bed. Face is washed, teeth are brushed, and you have just fought to keep your eyes open during that Friends episode. So lights out. Your body feels exhausted but your brain is still thinking leftover thoughts from the day you’ve just had. Every single thing racing through that brain. Minutes go by, hours go by, the clock ticks and tocks, and you are no closer to falling asleep at 3 a.m. than you were at 10 p.m. Morning comes way too early and you find yourself groggy, moody, and desperate for a cure to your nighttime insomnia. The struggle is so real. 

I’ve had more nights like this than I would like to admit. And it effects every single thing...poor eating choices the next day, way too much caffeine, and the zero lack of motivation and energy. 

So loves, it's time for us to take control of our lives.

And I know just the thing to help us all! 

Essential oils have so much healing properties... not only the oil, but the fragrance can be very powerful and incredibly beneficial to you. And there is some longterm benefits too. 

I am becoming such a huge fan. I met Mirelle Eid fromThe Honeybreak and she introduced me to some fabulous Doterra essential oils to help me with some issues I was dealing with...which are ...yes, you guessed it---lack of sleep at night and lack of energy during the day. 

So here are my faves:

Wild Orange: This one is good for anxiety, boosting energy, detoxification, and immune support! That is one powerful oil my dears. I love adding a few drops to my morning water before my indoor cycling class. It tastes great and gives me some great energy to fuel my workout. To increase metabolism you can also rub one drop over your tummy 2x a day. You can also add one drop of wild orange and rub it into your face cream giving you some lovely antioxidants.

Peppermint: Increases alertness, energy, and relieves anxiety. When you are feeling sluggish put a drop into your hand and rub it into your shoulders and the back of your neck. Feels so good instantly. I love adding some to my foot cream too.

On Guard: This one is a major energy booster. I call this one my little lifesaver! Just add this one to your water or under your tongue as an energy boost. This gem also is the most powerful immune blend. If you feel under the weather, this would be my "go-to".

Lavender: This is my fave for sleep support. It's made up of over 200 compounds that work in synergy with our cells to calm and soothe. I add a little drop on my pillow and on my temples. It's also great for bug bites and burns. 

Vetiver: This is the strongest oil for promoting sleep. You can rub one drop of Vetiver on the bottoms of each foot for a deep sleep. You can mix this with lavender too. 

So cheers to my beauty sleep and my massive amounts of energy to get things done! I definitely am on my mission to live my best life. 

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And you can find her on insta here. She is always such an inspiration...!