The Ever So Charming Carlton Landing

With summer so close you could kiss it, a slew of weekend getaways are on the horizon and I could not be more excited! Having visited Oklahoma's newest fastest-growing community..Carlton Landing for just a few has been heavily on my mind and I am longing for a mini holiday here. There’s so much I loved about living in a big, metropolitan city like Dallas. (gosh, I miss it...I miss Texas) There’s constant access to amazing food, art, fashion, music, culture, and more. I never got bored, that’s for sure.  Then I moved to Tulsa which is like on the whole other side of the spectrum. I find myself getting bored often so I need to keep feeling inspired with that occasional weekend getaway. It is no longer just a luxury; it’s a serious necessity for my state of mind and my quality of life. 

Also spending a little leisure time exploring a new place can be a revitalizing experience. It actually fuels my soul. It gives me life really.  It’s a great way to recharge, reward myself for working hard, and even get my creative juices flowing again. And sometimes all I really need is a couple days away to feel like a whole new person—which also means that I don’t have to worry about taking a bunch of time off from my work. So whenever the vacation itch hits, I start making a wish list of all the places I'd love to travel to next. Carlton Landing is at the top of this list for a three day weekend. 

This lakefront community has me reminiscing of all of my childhood summers with my grandparents fishing and boating and jet skiing. But with all of the lovely perks.  While merely mentioning “Carlton Landing” I begin to conjure up images of the perfect book on a porch swing relaxing and summertime rosé along with lake fun with family and friends. Zoë (my 16 year old daughter) would absolutely love it here. 

Grant Humphrey's turned an expanse of scenic woodlands along the gorgeous Lake Eufaula into Oklahoma's newest town. Almost ten years ago, Humphreys asked world-renowned urban planner Andrés Duany to create a master plan on Lake Eufaula. Duany, known for his work in creating Rosemary Beach and Seaside, Florida, was excited to see how his design could be applied in an Oklahoma context. (taken from Porch and Breeze) Check it out in full here  because it's fabulous! 

Cannot wait to share a full 3 day weekend with you of my experience here on the blog next month! So be on the lookout for that! I really like to call this my very own Martha's Vineyard in Oklahoma.