5 Reasons Why I Left Great Lengths And Came Back To PerfecTress® Hair Extensions

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For the majority of my life I have always had long hair but have also always worn hair extensions! And it’s no secret! But if you are a new reader, let me bring you in on a little secret of mine: I wear extensions more often than not! While I wish that my hair could grow five inches overnight, I’ve come to terms with the fact that extensions are the only way to make this dream a reality. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing my hair natural too, well okay, I am totally fibbing…I hate my natural hair. I’m lacking in volume and length so I make up for it with my hair extensions. You can search hair extensions on my blog and have a whole weekend’s worth of reading material. Two years ago I made a big decision to leave the brand of extensions I had been wearing for a long time for Great Lengths hair extensions and while I was very happy with how they looked, I was not happy with a lot of things about them! (The major thing being the price and the longevity of them)

If you’ve never had extensions and are considering getting them, or if you’re looking for tips on how to manage the ones you currently have, this post is for you. Because I’ve been wearing extensions for quite some time, I thought it would be beneficial to compile all of my tips and tricks into one blog post. From the different techniques to how to apply and care for them, consider this your comprehensive guide to hair extensions.

Type of Hair

Fun fact: not all hair extensions are made the same. There’s a huge difference between real human hair and synthetic hair. You’re going to pay more for human hair. I consider extensions an investment and you want the highest quality out there otherwise your locks won’t be fooling anyone. Extensions made from untreated human hair will give you natural results and will easily blend. You also have the ability to dye human hair extensions so that they match your current ‘do. Something else to consider: Match your hair density when shopping for extensions. If they’re too heavy they could cause breakage at your roots. Yikes! You will also want to make sure your extensions come from ethical source.

Hair Care

First and foremost, always be gentle. Treat your extensions as you would your natural hair. For optimal longevity, try not to wash them too often or coat them with hair products. If you have to use product, keep oils away from the roots or else you could find yourself with your extensions slipping out. Avoid excessive tugging when brushing them and always detangle from the bottom up. If you have to blow dry your extensions, rough dry your hair with your fingers before having to use a brush. Lastly, if you have to sleep in them, loosely braid them so that they don’t get tangled and buy a slip pillowcase ASAP!

Styling Tips

The whole point of having extensions is to make them look like your natural hair. Everyone tells me they would not even know I wear extensions if I were not so vocal and open about it and that’s the way I prefer it! I see some really bad extensions in this town and am going to start just giving you my extension stylist’s business card. If you have stick straight hair or a blunt haircut, most likely your extensions will be pretty obvious. I recommend a layered haircut or getting used to curling your hair on a regular basis. That way you’re less likely to show the world your extension secrets! Be prepared to spend a little more time on your hair than usual if you want your extensions to look seamless. Tip: For extension longevity, go light on the hair products. If I do use product I am loving Living Proof’s frizz line right now. It’s doesn’t weight my extensions down!

So now let’s talk about PerfecTress®! I went back almost a year ago today and have been so happy! I just got my second set last week and it’s even better than the first!!! (yes a whole set can last you about a year if you take care of it) Just look at this beautiful hair!

So all the reasons why you should try PerfecTress® over Great Lengths…

  1. The initial cost is about one third less up front and the rest of the saving comes from the hair being reusable up to a year. You will need to get them adjusted every 6 to 8 weeks and that should run under $150 each time but even with the maintenance, you are going to save so much money! My hair grows really fast actually so I find I need to get into the salon every 5 weeks but this is not the norm! So my Great Lengths investment only lasted me about 3 months-maybe four if I wore a hat everyday. Sad face!

  2. Shorter application time! I just got 8 22 inch bundles and the application process was about only 5 hours vs the 10 it took with GL! For a busy woman on the go, the shorter application time just makes more sense. And obviously if you are only getting a few bundles, the application time will take less time! My hair dresser Kendal has really mastered her extension craft too and is so efficient! I am so impressed with her and think she needs to teach classes to other extension stylists! Ha!

  3. Little to no damage! This was a huge factor for me. When I got my Great Lengths Extensions out I wanted to cry. My natural hair had not grown and was so damaged forcing me to cut 4 inches off. (um…..major sad face) With Perfectress Extensions, my natural hair actually grows several inches and looks so pretty that I can even take a bit of a break without feeling so naked! I find that when we get extensions, we are trying to remedy a problem not make it worse and Perfectress really delivers this!

  4. Less tangles! PerfecTress® Human hair has all cuticles intact which makes it less likely to tangle, more durable and reflects a natural shine. The cuticle plays a vital role as it is the hairs only protection.

    • All cuticles are lying in the same direction.This results in tangle free hair that is easy to comb, brush and style.

    • The Ends are trimmed off which helps to prevent matting at the ends and the hair will have no split ends. Durable hair quality.

    • Color fast. Has a natural shine, no artificial gloss. Moves, feels and handles as natural hair.

    • All the hair has received a Perma Moisturise Treatment. This is a form of protein injected inside the hair cortex that prevents the hair from drying out.

    • All the Hair has received a Micro Polymer Cross Linking Treatment. This is a unique and revolutionary treatment that encapsulates the hair with Micro polymers like a fine net resulting in a silky smooth surface that does not tangle.

  5. As you start to lose length about 7 months in, (that just happens) you can just order a few more bundles and preserve your original application!

Excited to show you my step by step process…

In the first set of photos, I am getting my old set of extensions removed so as you can see, I still have quite a bit of hair in there but the bonds have weakened. In the second photo, this is my natural hair. I have not one extension in it! In the third photo here is my new set of extensions with the fun new color. This is before we curled it! And in the 4th photo, this is my hair curly how I always wear it! It’s a bit messy from a windy day out on the farm!

So if you are looking to make your hair fuller, or maybe add some length? I highly endorse PerfecTress® Extensions! These are a high quality non-synthetic Euroblend made from 100% human hair! This remy cuticle product is the finest quality hair extension out there that delivers the best bang for your buck! Hair extensions can also be an excellent way to add a pop of color or highlights without damaging your existing hair too!!!

If you are local see my girl Kendal over at Cypress Salon! She will always honor a free consultation that will be about thirty minutes! And really talk you through the process. She is amazing at color selection too. We just changed my look for fall/winter and I am so happy! Of course because these will last a year, I did not want to anything to drastic that I would easily get bored with. She reminded me of that when I was like let’s do purple and reds! She is also honoring a 10% discount on the application costs as long as you book by the new year!!! This discount will save you lots.

Call her directly at 918-697-7400. Or email her at kendal.frestedt@live.com

You will never go back !!!!!!