Ten Must Have Items From An Affair Of A Heart Tulsa

One week ago today I launched my holiday gift guide with my top ten gift items I was most excited about from the upcoming An Affair of a Heart show in Tulsa! If you missed that post find it here. It’s such a beautiful curated selection of one-of-a-kind gifts just in time for the holidays to fit anyone’s taste and budgets!

It’s getting closer and closer to the shopping event of the year where we will all explore miles of aisles of beautiful items to purchase for ourselves and loved ones! Attendees will have the chance to browse—and purchase—everything from clothing to artwork, ceramics, gourmet edibles, bags, apothecary, and more. And as promised I want to show you my top ten picks in my natural environment! I truly adore every single one of these pieces and just cannot wait for you to meet the vendors behind them! And I cannot wait to jumpstart the Thanksgiving holiday with my friends and family at An Affair of The Heart-the funnest curated shopping event in Middle America.

Love Etsy but hate not being able to see the products in person? Then this event is for you. Love one-of-a-kind gifts? Then this event is for you. Love modern fashionable gifts that you are seeing on- line in all of your fave boutiques? Then this event is for you! This fab event is no longer JUST your momma’s craft show! Yes..you can still get those wonderful things but the trendy young fashionista can now have lots of things to shop! You won’t just be able to check people off your shopping list here—you’ll be able to go home with items guaranteed to impress even the pickiest people in your life. With over 500 vendors this event has so much to see and discover so come make a day of it or even a weekend. I personally love the thrill of the hunt!

So let’s talk about my top ten gifts that you can shop at the November show! I have included the booth numbers for each vendor that I have at this time and will keep updating as I get the info!

long_gift guide.JPG

JL Concepts Tulsa Large Spalted Sycamore Fruit Bowl With Turquoise Inlay, $90
This bowl is the perfect piece for any kitchen. The craftsmanship is just exquisite and you just have to see these beauties in person to appreciate the details in every piece that is created. JL Concepts is a husband and wife team running a small woodworking business that is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since 2013 John has been the artistic talent with his impressive design and creation of items created out of wood.  He creates everything from sofa and coffee tables, bowls, vases, cutting boards, serving trays, kitchen utensils, jewelry, and new designs are imagined every day.  Aside from the pure craftsmanship behind his creations, his items stand out with intricate inlay details of real turquoise, Milliput, and resin.

We absolutely love this piece in our modern home! It is gorgeous as a stand alone piece on our shelves too when it is not serving a purpose because it truly looks like a piece of art!

Find them in booth 675!

Farm Sweet Farm Oklahoma Goat’s Milk Soap, $6

These beautiful soaps are all handmade from scratch on a homestead in Coweta, Oklahoma. Their soap contains milk from their own goats! Every bar of soap is handmade, sliced and labeled by them in their home in Coweta and I just love this so much! (I actually get to visit the farm soon) They are a true grassroots company! The carefully selected oils in each soap are so incredibly moisturizing and provide such a great aromatic experience too. There is a great variety in scents to chose from all though the seasonal ones get me every-time. Nina Cason, the maker, was born in England and moved to Oklahoma in 2007 with her husband and slowly but surely fell in love with the people here and the country life. She always say she is British by birth and Oklahoman by choice. She makes wonderful goat’s milk lotions too that I am so excited for you to try in November!

They are not only functional but oh so pretty against my marble in my bathroom! And I am loving these fall scents I chose. Their aroma fills the entire space giving me all the fall vibes!

Find them in booth 576!

Coral Lane Scrunchies, $12

Ahh, the scrunchie, that ubiquitous 1980s hair accessory—you either loved it or you hated it. Well the scrunchie is making a major comeback and I am loving it even though I fought it for a bit thanks to that Sex and The City episode. During Fashion Week, the super-cool luxury label Mansur Gavriel styled its models’ hair in low ponytails, secured with none other than the scrunchies. Then, brands such as Balenciaga followed suit. And that really sold me on this “ hair cloud” trend. These things look just as good on the wrist as they do in the hair, so feel free to accessorize however you see fit. You will find so much more from Coral Lane at the November show too. I just love these girl bosses. They are two friends that have a passion for women and kids and everything in between. Coral Lane is an Oklahoma boutique where women can come to be inspired and enjoy a unique shopping experience. They have mixed fashion with easy outfits for women on the go. They have stylish threads for children too! And because they are on line only, this is going to be such a treat to be able to see everything in person.

I will actually be doing a hair tutorial with these so soon on my blog so you can see the various ways I love wearing this trend in a more modern way! So stay tuned for that goodness!

Scott Farms Gourmet Foods, $3.75-$7.95

From soup mixes, dip mixes to Cajun specialties and Southwest specialties, they cater to your love for chilies, Mexican food, special spices and gourmet food.  They specialize in "just add water" soups and unique soup recipes and simply make life easier! Larry and Joanna also do custom gift baskets, gift boxes, and gift bags. Top selling items include dip mixes, tortilla soup, enchilada soup, potato soup, cheddar-broccoli soup, chili seasoning, meat seasoning,  bean seasoning, mulling & wassail seasoning, Christmas cards with seasoning, gift boxes, gift packs, and related gift items. New items include the rubs & marinades. They also specialize in convenient and easy to use recipes that taste great. I am obsessed with the chicken tortilla soup mix and the corn chowder soup mix! And I looooove the South of The Border dip mix. They make holiday entertaining so easy too and I know you all are really going to stock up on some serious stocking stuffers.

I whipped up this delicious meal in no time and it was a huge hit!!! All I had to do was grab a rotisserie chicken from Whole Foods and a can of black beans and a can of corn and some corn chips and sour cream! All the praise hands to make life easier and not harder my dears!!

Ps:121 Jewelry Leather Ring With Freshwater Pearls, $15

Jewelry is always a great gift and I cannot seem to have enough accessories. I adore unique pieces that really start a conversation too and this leather and pearl ring really catches my eye. PS:121 Jewelry is so passionate about their designs, their quality and your ability to afford their merchandise. Each piece is hand crafted and you can really feel the love when you see her pieces up close. Michael Ann takes great care in carefully choosing each gem stone, pearl and crystal for its quality and uniqueness. The results are one-of-a-kind pieces you can't find anywhere else! They also design pieces for charities for 100% donation.

I wore this beauty to all my fashion week events this past weekend and received so many compliments! It’s so dainty and feminine and can really be dressed up or down! It’s a perfect everyday piece! I am such an an accessory queen and cannot wait to gift these to family for Christmas!

Soy Candle Cottage Natural Soy Candles, $11

Who doesn’t love a good candle?! And a good natural non toxic candle, yes please. They use a 100% cotton braid wick with absolutely no lead or zinc. They pour their candles from soy wax made in the USA with domestically grown crops, 100% vegetable made with pure soybean oil, all natural & biodegradable. They are manufactured meeting FDA standards, Kosher Certified (yes, it is food-grade), free of pesticides, herbicides or other toxic materials and is FREE of genetically modified material! I personally love soy candles as they reduce the soot and toxins and that is so important to me. Plus I am supporting a sustainable crop with my purchase. There are so many wonderful aromas to chose from too. And colors! My personal favorite is the Aspen Winter. I visited Aspen a few years ago and it holds such a special place in my heart so reliving that special vacay in my home this season just gives me all the feels.

I love having a wonderful aromatic candle by my work space everyday! It really transports me and keeps me focused!

Adaline Owasso Little Dictionary of Fashion, $19

I absolutely adore gifting fun little books for the holidays and this one is such a great addition to every fashionista in your life because it is full of timeless tips like what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf! Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this charming handbook that no woman should be without. You can always find some very unique treasures just like this one at Adaline. In November plan on checking out their booth as they will have a little bit of everything there! The game day graphic tee’s are some of my fave and they always some fun handbags and cardigans and kimonos. The keychains and books are going to make the perfect gifts!

This past rainy Sunday was so perfect for a date with this lovely book! And this is going to be such a great hostess gift for all my Christmas parties that I am attending this upcoming season!

57 Blue Collections Dean Crouser Kaleidoscope Butterfly Stoneware Mug, $18

I love having some great gifting mugs around for the holidays! They make the best hostess gifts for those holiday parties! And this beautiful Kaleidoscope Butterfly Mug is just so pretty. A brightly colored butterfly adorns a 16 ounce stoneware mug. Everyone needs to add some gorgeous watercolor nature art to their everyday! These are dishwasher safe and microwave safe, too! 57 Blue Collections will have women's apparel, home interiors and gifts at the show this year.

Lin’s mom is really going to love this beautiful mug! And who doesn’t need a mug?! Who doesn’t drink tea and/or coffee?

Original Brooks Dot Grid Bullet Journal in Black and White, $38

These are the prettiest journals I have ever laid eyes on. Original Brooks specializes in hand sewn journals made from reclaimed and vintage materials. Sara purchases paper from thrift stores and estate sales where she salvages composition notebooks, business letterhead, stationery, and other paper ephemera. Since she uses materials that are unique and vintage, most of the book bindery's products are one-of-a-kind. The Dot Grid Bullet Journal is hand sewn and features a soft, faux leather cover that is flexible and durable enough for everyday use. On the spine of the notebook is a hand stitched diamond pattern in white that matches the white paper lining on the inside of the cover. Open up this journal to find a high quality 24lb paper featuring a dot grid pattern. The text weight paper works well with a variety of pens, pencils, and markers with very little bleed through. This notebook opens flat for effortless writing and has so many uses including DIY planner, diary, sketchbook, journal, and to-do list. The rounded corners not only look great but also keep your pages protected. These journals are just so special.

I am a huge journal person, especially when I travel. I gather all my thoughts and write my blog posts on paper before I type them into square space so that’s a fun fact about me! There’s something about pen and paper I cannot get away from. #oldsoul for reals! I feel like I have found my journal soul mate here too. I will buy these forever and ever!

Animal Portraits By Penny Pet Portrait, $175-$750

Penny Robichaux-Koontz is an amazing talented artist who will create the perfect painting of your beloved pet just like my sweet Henry pictured above. She works in watercolor, gouache (an opaque watercolor) and pastels when doing animal portraits.  The medium is decided by the animal. Portraits are painted without background or plain backgrounds, and prices are quoted on unframed, single pet portraits. She does offer custom frames by request. She likes knowing a bit about you, the pet owner and the relationship between you and your pet...endearing antics employed to get their way. Family dynamics ~ history. You will send her some photos, indicating your favorite! Her favorite is a spontaneous shot of a pet who is almost talking to their owner.  With several different photos of your pet, she can determine the proper coloring. She also posts pictures on Facebook throughout the process or email if you prefer. This was so amazing to see Henry come to life in different stages! I am so over the moon with my Henry portrait and cannot wait to have Penny create one of Melvin. And I love the idea of something personal and sentimental like this as a gift. It is just so meaningful! And these portraits will be cherished forever and ever. Penny is honoring 20% off your purchase if you mention you are a Go French Yourself reader. (all orders must be placed by December 1st for the discount)

We love waking up and this being the first thing that we see! Henry is the most special dog and Penny had the most special talent! I cannot think of one animal lover who will not want one of these under the Christmas tree!

Looking forward to featuring her on the blog early next year where I will visit her studio and interview her about her painting process!

Remember to follow me on Instagram because I will be hosting 20 An Affair of the Heart ticket giveaways along with a few giveaways from the generous vendors above!!!!!!! So you don’t want to miss this! Plus I will be covering the event taking you live and interviewing vendors and attendees!! We are just going to kick off the holidays and have so much fun and I really want you to be apart of it.

Tomorrow, I will actually be touring Nina’s goat farm from Farm Sweet Farm Oklahoma where her soaps and lotions are made. And you can catch all of that on my Instagram stories.

Remember that with a swipe of a card or an exchange of a bill, you send a signal of support to the people or company behind the purchase, the issues behind the purchase, and so much more. So perhaps allocate some of your holiday spends this season to independent stores, to artisans, to American-made, to local, wherever you live!!!!!

See you there!

Nov. 16-18, 2018

4145 E. 21st St.

Friday, Nov. 16
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 17
9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 18
11 a.m. – 5 p.m.