A Few Ways to Stay Cool In Houston This Summer


Summertime in Houston is killer ya’ll! I am literally melting.

I’ve never been a child of summer, so July is one of the unhappiest times of the year for me especially in Texas. The humidity is something else! The only way to describe summer in the south is: miserable. Going outside is not usually on the agenda for the day. The walk to your car, out of a store, to your house, or any walking magically makes you appear as if you just ran a few miles. Sweat rolling down your back and face, good ole summer fun! Anyway sharing a few cool spots to survive the temps! Sigh.

BEBIDAS- Ever since having a snowball in Hammond years ago..I do not even waste my time with snow-cones anymore! Snowballs are made with finely shaved ice, which helps the flavored syrup to be soaked up all throughout the snowball. Snow cone ice, however, is crushed which makes for a crunchier ice that is not as smooth as the shaved style ice. A difference can definitely be told in taste as a snowball melts in your mouth with every bite whereas a snow-cone may be sort of crunchy. Every snowball stand is different and all serve up a host of different flavors and ways to enjoy a snowball. Some stands have some very interesting flavors such as condensed milk, pomegranate, Satsuma, and even coffee! It’s fun to try new ones and have different toppings every now an then. Condensed milk is a classic. So now insert Bebidas!!! Just look at this menu! Plus it’s just so cuuuutttteeeee!!!

AMORINO- Love this Italian gelato! Amorino always chooses the highest quality ingrédients! They only use fresh whole milk and fruit picked only once truly ripe. You will not find anything artificial! And well…they are just works of art really. You can create your own Amorino Rose using as many flavors as you wish. The macarons are exquisite too.

VIBRANT- I cannot get enough of their Matcha Potions—housemade coconut mylk, matcha, coconut butter, tocos, codyceps, he shou wu, and medjool dates! Get it over ice and sit back and take a breather in their cool air conditioning or shaded patio area! It’s one of the most beautiful spaces here in Houston too if you are inspired by design and gorgeous interiors. Their palette is soft and muted with beautiful light balance. And hello Terrazzo heaven!!!! OH EM GEEE—-I need a Matcha Potion right NOW as I write this!

ESCALANTE’S AND GOODE COMPANY KITCHEN & CANTINA- I mean what is Summer in Texas without a margarita?!!!! I absolutely love the margs at Escalante’s because every margarita begins With quality tequila + fresh squeezed lime juice. They do not use powders or mixes! Love the Mint & Melon- Casamigos blanco tequila with muddled mint, melon and Naranja liqueur. And love the Escalante’s N0 4- Herradura double barrel reposado tequila — hand selected from the Herradura distillery — blended with Naranja liqueur. And for a tasty frozen option try the DAMN GOODE MARGARITA at Goode Co. Cantina. They are made with Tequila Arette Blanco, lime, and orange liqueur. Plus you can come in pitchers for $24.00!

And lastly find a friend with a pool!


And BTW-if you are driving from Houston to Dallas or vice versa make sure to stop at Cooper Farms Convenient Store on 45. We indulged in delish peach ice cream and bought some fresh peaches!!!!

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