Amazing Day Trip in Tulsa//Spring Creek

Today was such a wild magical adventure!!! 

I was very kindly invited to spend the day with two fabulous women at a little hidden gem in Oklahoma..about 45 minutes away from Tulsa.

Being such a explorer these days and having some free time, I jumped at the opportunity to go. . I remember the envy I felt seeing all the pictures from their time at Spring Creek while I was away on my month long moto trip  -so there was no chance this little excursion was going to slip out of my fingers this time! 

We arrived in good time and I faced the first hurdle of a creek adventure - how to dress including finding suitable shoes for the water, snacks, sips, etc. I mean come on guys...I am such a girly girl. There was some huge obstacles to over come in the "water shoes" alone. 

Spring Creek is such a gem. It boasts some of the clearest, most pristine water in Oklahoma. It starts in Delaware County and flows southwest about 34 miles through Cherokee, Delaware and Mayes Counties. Spring Creek is listed as high quality water (only five bodies of water in the state have this high quality) found to be clear of harmful levels of pollution. It runs through private and public land and can be accessed at several spots along the banks. But just be respectful of the private landowners.  There are some great privately owned campgrounds for pay and legal access. (Smoky Valley Campground, Cave Springs Campground, Little-fields Campground, and others. It's priced right and on their owners parcels. 

There are some amazing stones and fossils all over the place too. 

Lisa feels like she is baptized every time she takes a dip in this water. 

We were blessed with the most perfect weather. And the afternoon just couldn't have been better. It left the biggest smile on my face.

Enjoy the pics from the day!