An Everyday Table Setting Featuring Gracious Home

This post is sponsored by Gracious Homes but all opinions and words are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that keep Go French Yourself creating!

Always looking at my gorgeous table as a canvas. And placemats are like a mini canvas and I am absolutely loving these neutral tangled Kim Seybert placemats from Gracious Home located in NYC’s Upper East Side. They create some beautiful texture and patterns and those are two things I really love! Placemats are the first thing I always grab for a last-minute dinner party actually!

Gracious Home shares my commitment to unfussy minimalism at the table!

I love juxtapositions—new with old, rustic with modern—as well as unexpected colors together while I am a huge fan of neutral colors like cement and sandstone. They're the foundation and perfect backdrop for other neutrals, as well as metallics, and even black which I have been playing with a lot lately in my interiors. My kitchen is my favorite room in the condo because it's always the hub of all activity in our home. I love setting the table, because it's a very expressive and satisfying activity for me. You have no idea how much fun it can be once you get into it—it’s really so much easier than dressing yourself! I am often asked where I turn for inspiration and to answer that—I find inspiration in unexpected places. We are all bombarded with beauty and have access to so many blogs filled with gorgeous imagery. It's sensory overload for me. I actually have to look away from time to time and look inward in order to be original and authentic.

So today I am going to share a few little wise words about an everyday table setting!

The first thing is creating the surface. Sometimes a table just begs to be unadorned, but usually a textile—especially a placemat or runner—will enhance a table surface without covering it.

Setting a table is very personal and can be a very creative moment. You might be stuck with your everyday white plates and glasses, but you can pull from unexpected places to accentuate your mood and occasion. For example, float rose petals or leaves in a shallow bowl, cluster an assortment of empty vases in varying heights on the table, use ten different color candles, or place black rocks down the center.

I also used the Bierfilzl felt coasters by Graf Lantz also from Gracious Home. Felt is really fun to play with too….and you do not have to use a coaster in it’s literal purpose. Think outside of the box here!!!!

Use of everyday objects in the mix of the necessary plates and utensils. When taken out of context, things like perfume bottles and eclectic containers from you jewelry box can transform into bespoke vases and salt cellars!!

Most importantly though…be imaginative and have fun!

And be sure to check out Gracious Home! You can browse their selection online (or check out the NYC store if applicable). They curate an assortment of unique beautiful pieces across a variety of categories including seasonal décor, fine linens, bath, and home electronics!!!!