Doggy Birthday Party//Melvin Turns 6

Happy Almost Thanksgiving everyone! I cannot believe this is only my second blog post to publish this month but in my defense, I left town November 1st for 2 weeks traveling the Maine coast and had a huge event I worked as soon as I returned! Now I am in Houston getting settled for the holiday and have some free time to get lots of things published for you!

Just in case you have not been watching all of my insta stories, right before we left we had a little birthday party for Melvin. The party needed to be during the week midday which was not the ideal time for many of my friends with dogs whom Melvin loves and I could not host anything at my house because we had a window installation happening. Our local dog park was not ideal either because you cannot bring any perishable items. So my friend Brooke had the perfect solution to my problem!

We both board our dogs at Noah’s Bed and Biscuit in Kiefer and when we talked to them about hosting a little “puppy pawty” ! They have plenty of fenced-in yard options! And plenty of doggy companions who can attend!

Problem solved!

Noah’s went above and beyond too even giving him a bow tie and bringing some balloons and furry companions that were also being boarded. I know Melvin could actually sense the excitement that comes from having his very own special event with his furry friends even though he may not realize that it is his birthday. Or perhaps he does! Noah’s Bed & Biscuit understands that most of us regard our dogs as important members of the family and want to provide them with as much appreciation as we can for the joy they bring to our lives. It is in this spirit that the entire staff at Noah’s would love to share in the celebration of your dog’s special day. It’s true that they may not understand the underlying reason for the occasion but dogs do love attention, so making the day all about them will definitely be enjoyed by them and that’s what ultimately matters.

So local loves, you should most definitely call them for pricing and additional info.

Scroll down to see the photo gallery of all the pics!! They will be sure to melt your heart if you are an animal lover.

Any you can’t have a puppy “pawty” without a birthday cake and ice cream as well as party favors for the other pups who attend!!

And I hit the easy button with PetCakes too! PetCakes are the 1st and only microwavable pet treat made at home in less than 3 minutes! Each recipe is crafted from the finest human-grade ingredients and will never have harmful additives or preservatives. You can find these adorable treats on Amazon!

The little pup ice creams ( which are good for their hips and joints) were such a huge hit and Melvin and I were able to make these together before the big day! This birthday boy even got to lick the bowl. So impressed with how easy and fun making these was plus they send you everything you need including a candle !! So genius!!!


Thank you so much for PetCakes and Noah’s Bed & Biscuit for sponsoring this post and thank you all for supporting the sponsors that keep me creating!

And thank you so much to Brooke for taking these lovely photos!!!

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