Dreaming Up A Signature Scent With Skylar Body

 I love experimenting with various fragrances and beauty staples that redefine what it means to be a girly girl. There are so many fabulous skincare regimens, beauty products, and unique fragrances that can enhance a woman’s natural beauty, but nothing compares to a strong, confident woman whose refined beauty is simply a metaphor for everything she stands for. When it comes to fragrances, I always love discovering perfumes that are more than just a scent. As a self confessed lover of all things romantic, I cherish fragrances that tell a captivating story with just one beguiling smell. Are you all the same way?!

Discovering Skylar Body was a total match made in heaven for me. If you have followed me for a while , you know this but if you are newer here--take a look at this post here. All of their fragrances are simply to die for. A true classic in the fragrance world, their Meadow plays on precious florals like tuberose, jasmine, and orange blossom to capture the essence of femininity. Because you know that fresh florals are one of my ultimate favorite things (my dream job would be a dreamy florist), it’s no surprise that I fell for hard for it. And do not even get me started about Arrow - it's so warm, spicy, and seductive, and those notes of midnight jasmine, warm patchouli, and vanilla are just so unbelievably memorable. At the office or on a date, this fragrance is your perfect accessory. 

Skylar Body  is such a special blend of both nature and art – two things that I truly can’t get enough of. And when they come together to form a unique, inspired perfume, I’m sold! It’s always better to find classic products that stand the test of time and are the epitome of quality over quantity. And I could not be more excited to be sharing their most recent campaign with you!!!! 

Have you ever wished for a scent that doesn’t yet exist?

I have always loved this article from Travel + Leisure ----The Fragrance You Should Wear, Based on Your Favorite Vacation Destination. It really spoke to me like no other. 

Dobrina Zhekova said smell is the strongest of our five senses, especially when it comes to the ability to trigger memories. We’re able to conjure emotional connections to people and experiences just by smelling a fragrance. It’s why scent is always something very personal.

Personally speaking...I am always wanting to bottle up all the beautiful destinations I find when traveling. Certain aromas trigger beautiful memories from vacays past...like the time Lin and I got lost in the intoxicating aroma from a yard full of honeysuckle in Apsen--it was mixed with the delicious aroma from all the pine trees surrounding the area too.

Perfumer Lisa Hoffman says "only will you enjoy the fragrance while you are wearing it, but you will have the association of that fragrance with the trip long after it’s over and it just could not be truer."

The thought of that just speaks to my gypsy heart in so many ways. So back to the question-have you ever wished for a scent that doesn't yet exist????!

Well drum roll please.........Skylar Body is giving you the chance to turn your fragrance idea into a reality. They want YOU to help create the newest Skylar scent my dolls. How freakin' exciting is this??!!!

Share Your Idea

Dream up the next Skylar scent - the sky’s the limit! Submit your idea here by 2/22. View the official rules

Vote For Your Favorite

The Skylar team will choose the top 3 finalists. Then the Skylar tribe (including you!) will vote for THE favorite scent from 3/1 to 3/5.

Your Dream (Scent) Come True

The winner gets $1,000 to Skylar AND $1,000 to a charity of  YOUR choice. The winning scent will be announced and available for pre-orders on 3/8.

YOU GUYS!!!!! We finally get to play chemist, florist, perfume creator--all of it!

You bet I am entering. Just trying to decide on what destination I would love to see in a bottle.

Perfumer Lisa Hoffman knows a thing or two about fragrance and here's what she had to say about the best perfumes for travel destinations....She literally takes you there......

"There's the Beach Vacation envisioning notes of sea salt along with fresh floral notes to keep me feeling light and breezy within the misty warm air. Or something delicious inspired by the Italian island of Sardinia, with notes of cypress oil, driftwood accord, Oakwood extract, and Moroccan Armoise oil."-- OMG, transporting RIGHT now. Like can I please just travel with Hoffman wherever she goes pretty please!

"There is the Countryside Vacations where aromas of cotton accords, sage, and spring florals surround you." Totally have lived that and smell that! The countryside vacay also reminded Lisa of  Bulgarian rose, blackcurrant leaves, bergamot, and mandarin notes.

I bet that would just make something intoxicating--a fragrance you would never cheat on with another fragrance. 

OMG--the decisions. I am getting so inspired. 

Then of course there is the City Vacay!!! 

Hoffman thinks notes of neroli are perfect for the city, as they are sexy, lively, and mysterious. She also thinks adding neroli with musk or amber works here. This ind of aroma really speaks to Lin. 

Then there are The Tropics. 

Hoffman describes creamy coconut and warm cedar taking you straight to the Caribbean destination of choice---a scent inspired by a small island in the middle of the Pacific that combines notes of exotic flowers, coconut, and vanilla. 

And then there are the Mountain Vacations. 

These are my personal favorite--take me back to Aspen please!!!!! You know that's one of my fave places on earth??!?!!!!! Already dreaming of that honeysuckle and pine because there is noting like Spring in Aspen. We were also close to a coffee shop so honeysuckle, pine, and coffee??? Would that be a fragrance you would wear and love?

Hoffman thinks woodsy notes in fragrance are usually crisp and deep, perfect for a summertime mountain setting----dreaming of a  fragrance that has smoky and woodsy notes with a touch of fresh limoncello or fresh notes of orange and mandarin followed by a richer blend of patchouli and Chinese Cedar. 

Hey I am all for that!

Love the inspiration here that can get our creative juices flowing from such an awesome perfumer. 

I am going to go ahead and keep dreaming up my signature scent and really hope my Aspen scent gets picked as it is a place that is so dear to me, but even better---I hope one of yours gets picked!!!!!

Or maybe I should just submit a coffee aroma and be done with it!! 

Just to recap submit your scent idea by 2/22 here. The winner will receive a $1,000 Skylar Gift Card, $1,000 to a charity of THEIR choosing, and naturally, a bottle of their dream scent. So easy and oh so fun!!!!! I am so stoked!! Talk about the bragging rights!!!!!!

Let me know what your fave fragrances are in the comments below!!!