Skin Care Saviour For The Traveler Featuring Perricone MD

Joie de Vivre posts are really one of my faves to share and if you read Saturday's post --you know I am on a skin care journey. A lot of you messaged too and were so excited but felt like you couldn't afford services and a whole regime of product--and hey, I get that! Everything I talk about is not for everyone so I love providing my readers with a ton of options. A lot of you also had questions about traveling and how to minimize some space in your cosmetic bag. 

I'll be the first to admit that my current way of living isn't probably the most sustainable. Work is as time-consuming as it is rewarding and alongside my blog and my little side business helping clients with their digital strategies. Factoring in a social life and my mission to do pilates everyday---well it's safe to say I need more time in the day. All this can really push by body to its limit. Somedays I feel I've pushed it too far, and it tells me so by making me feel drained and exhausted. My skin can have moments of creating havoc too, which is always a lovely added extra. I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling, especially around this time of year which is quite possibly, the hardest for your body to cope with. It's so cold outside and so so dry. And I am also getting ready to start traveling like a gypsy and I am always on the hunt to learn more tips and tricks to pack lighter. I’m an explorer at heart and love the experiences that come with exploration, but balancing a healthy routine – in terms of taking care of myself and my skin – is incredibly difficult on the road. Before leaving on my birthday trip, I am going to be super conscious of prepping for the adventure with my well-being in mind. Skin is so important and since I think most of us struggle with balancing health and travel, I wanted to a product that has really been working for me that is going to be the ultimate travel companion!!

Enter Perricone MD's Cold Plasma Plus Face Advanced Serum Concentrate, now more powerful than ever before!! 

A few weeks ago, I started using Perricone MD's best-selling cult classic, Cold Plasma Plus. Powered by patented Perricone MD science, Cold Plasma Plus targets your individual skin concerns to deliver visible and personalized results, now and over time. With a new scent-free formula (thank goodness-I am so sensitive to fragrance)  and a sleek new look, it truly is one jar that does it all. 100% of consumers showed significant improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and 97% showed significant improvement in pore size. This powerhouse serum concentrate corrects your individual skin concerns to deliver visible and personalized results, now and over time. It targets the 9 most visible signs of aging: loss of radiance, uneven texture, uneven skin tone, discoloration, redness, enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. I have nicknamed it miracle cream! And with ingredients like Vitamin C Ester, Copper Tripeptide, and Omegas 3,6, and 9---no wonder why it's so result driven!

  • Vitamin C Ester

A more potent, highly stable and less irritating form of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, Vitamin C Ester gives the appearance of collagen-rich skin by visibly smoothing, brightening & minimizing discoloration. Unlike traditional Vitamin C, Vitamin C Ester is fat-soluble & easily absorb-able for maximum antioxidant benefits.

  • Copper Tripeptide

A powerful, naturally occurring complex with three amino acids helps repair dry skin for a dramatically firmer, smoother, younger-looking complexion. This amino acid trio is highly absorb-able and helps protect against environmental aggressors.

  • Omegas 3, 6, and 9

Found in walnuts and flax seeds, these pro-fatty acids help visibly plump and increase radiance by strengthening skin’s moisture barrier and improving its ability to retain water. Omegas 3 & 6 are essential yet do not occur naturally in the body.

If you’ve been wanting to edit down your skincare routine or if you were looking for only one product that you should use, it’s Cold Plasma Plus. 

It’s been just a few weeks since I’ve used it but I’m already noticing the difference in hydration which has left my skin glowing. As of late, my skincare concerns have been my dark spots and maintaining firmness. All of the motorcycle treks leave me feeling so dehydrated and dull. 

So I am embark on my upcoming travels, this will be the very first thing I pack. We all know it’s not very ideal to hop off a bike and have to head straight to meet with a client, but this has been my secret weapon to getting through those moments thus far and it’s really helping me to look and feel my best which is what matters most. While I wish I could soak in a bath tub of this magical essence, I use it in the morning and the evening daily after cleansing. I apply a pearl size amount gently and evenly onto my face and have even been putting it on my neck and chest, pressing gently and evenly onto my skin until the essence has soaked in.

Honestly, I can say that the Cold Plasma Serum is the best facial serum that I have ever used on my face.

If you’re struggling with your own skin issues and packing issues hopefully this post will greatly help.

I am so excited to seriously travel light this trip and manage to fit everything into one carry on bag. Streamlining my supply and saving on space has been so important to me without sacrificing my skin. 

So, I have just one question for you. When will you try it and see for yourself how fantastic this serum is?!