Home For The Holidays//Be The Best Host to Your Holiday Houseguests

As November is quickly coming to an end , all I can think about is getting my space ready for the holidays. We are hosting family and friends every weekend in December and all through Christmas and The New Year. I also got rid of so much stuff in a sale last year when I thought I would already be in Barcelona and am really regretting it. The guest room was the first room to purge, you know? 

If you’re the one traveling, it might seem like obvious etiquette to be a gracious houseguest to whomever you are staying with. That's a given. But growing up, my parents always imparted on me that it was just as important to be a gracious host or hostess, and make your guests feel comfortable. Family and friends travel a long way to see you and you really want to show them how happy you are that they are visiting. If you think of playing hostess as an inconvenience that you’re going to resent even the slightest bit, it’s better to simply say no. If you do agree to host, it is up to you to make your guests feel fully welcome. The whole saying "My house is your house" is the way to go dears. 

Your houseguests know not to expect a Ritz Carlton experience. But whether you’re offering up a spacious guest room, an air mattress, or even just a couch, you can still put certain touches in place that will make your guest’s stay as comfortable as possible. And if you are like me, I hate having to ask for things. The bathroom should be fully stocked with toilet paper (I have had to ask for this before when I needed it--talk about humiliating), shampoo, conditioner, towels, and so on. And because I have been traumatized from my own personal experiences, I go above and beyond and have made my guest restroom a little guest haven even stocked with an extra toothbrush, floss, and even some feminine hygiene products. 

I also love creating the loveliest little sleeping nest with extra blankets, pillows, some reading material, candles, and some other extras that will get to here in a bit. 


Getting prepared for your guests is not a simple task but make it's doable so take a deep breath and know you got this! It’s easy to forget your basic paper household essentials  when you have so many things you need to think about. Trusted brands like KleenexScott, Viva and Cottonelle are reliable and a real life-saver. Everyone needs household essentials to keep their home running like a happy, healthy, well-oiled machine. Without them, well let's not even think about that. That’s why having plenty of toilet paper, paper towels and facial tissues on-hand while you entertain guests at home is a must! Luckily, with Walmart at your fingertips, it’s super easy to shop for your everyday household essentials. Save time and get the best deals by ordering online or pick-up right in store. Walmart’s free two-day shipping lets you skip that extra trip to the store and have everything delivered to your door instead, so if you need it ASAP you can “get it ASAP” without having to sacrifice any of your time. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this service. If you want to be savvy on saving time AND money I will be sharing an Ibotta rebate that you can use online or in-store at the very end of my post. Consider it a little holiday gift! 

P.S-- there is also a subscription so you never run out of your paper goods! Yep, you read that right..a subscription service. 

Let Walmart, Scott, Cottonelle, Viva Towels and Kleenex work together for you, so that you’re never left empty handed. That is the worst. And it always seems to all run out at the same exact time. Am I right?! 

I think I was born to be in the guest hospitality business. Haha. 

Okay..let's get to the tips....

  • BEFORE the guests arrive-provide an email or text with your full address and any parking instructions. Also provide an agenda if there is one so they know what to pack...athletic attire, comfy shoes, a cocktail dress for a nicer restaurant, etc. I always like to let my guests know too that we keep it a little cooler in the winter time to sleep so they might bring warmer pjs and a sweater if they are coming from a more mild tropical climate. And I always ask what their fave beverage is so I can have it on hand.

1. Deep Clean

If your home is normally a little less than spic and span, do a major clean before your guests arrive. Having a clean space is a sure way of showing that you take pride in your home, and will ensure that your guests feel comfortable staying there. If you’ve been procrastinating, use your guests’ upcoming visit as motivation to purge all that clutter. Also use this as a time to finally get that decorating done. The guest room is the room where you most likely spend the least of your time so I like to sit in there, even sleep in there and really experience it so I know what it is lacking. Remember to concentrate on the baseboards and window seals, and ceiling fan if you have one. 

2. Gather Up Guest Room Essentials

We talked about this above but seriously this is so important. Fresh sheets and a stack of clean towels are a given. But if you want to go above and beyond, there are a few other touches I highly recommend:

  • Making room in a closet or dresser so your guest doesn’t have to be living out of a suitcase
  • A selection of toiletries including toothpaste, a spare toothbrush, face wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner that work for any hair type, cotton swabs, and lotion, perfume
  • Hair dryer and Curling Iron
  • A stack of magazines
  • Bottled water or a carafe
  • Snacks
  • Speaker system for their phone to play music and it also charges their device
  • Fresh blooms on the night stand
  • An extra blanket in case your guest gets cold
  • House slippers
  • Ear plugs (we live downtown and also near a fire station. The nights can get a little noisy)
  • Spare rolls of toilet paper stashed where your guests can easily find them, to avoid any embarrassment.This is where that Scott 20 Roll TP comes in major handy. If you have old pipes too, have a plunger on hand too where a guest can easily locate it. 

3. Write Down Household Instructions

To make things easier on you and your guest, provide a one-sheet of household information. Include your Wi-Fi password and instructions on how to use your remote, alarm system, washer/dryer, etc. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also make a list of local activities and sites to see. Share the name of your favorite coffee shop, fun restaurants, workout studio, and anything else you want to include. 

4. Make a Copy of Your Key

Do yourself and your guest a favor, and make a copy of your key. Houseguests are most comfortable when they can come and go as they please. The last thing they will want to be doing is bothering you while you’re at work to make sure you’ll be home on time to let them back in. If you live in a condo building too, make sure to provide them with a fob to enter the building. Your guest might just want to go outside to make a personal phone call or take a walk. 

5. Make for Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

You want your guest to get a good night's rest so make it cozy. Make sure you invest in some nice pillows and blankets and a good mattress. 

I hope these tips help you out tremendously this holiday season. 

Now that my guest room is done, I am off to organize my pantry. Just had Viva 6 Roll  paper towels delivered from Walmart.com in the cutest festive winter design. Have so much cooking to do during the holiday so I stocked up because with 7 people in the kitchen, things are bound to get a little messy. Already making a mess myself as I am making holiday treats for my daughter's homeroom class. 

Wish me luck!

And don't forget to get your 2 day free shipping here. Save time and energy for what matters most this holiday and use Walmart.com. So glad I do not have to haul all those paper products up from the car anymore to the 7th floor of my building. I love things that make my life easier. 

What else do you do to make your houseguests feel comfy?! Tell me in the comments!

Happy Holidays my dears,


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