Instagram Worthy Spots In Boston & Cambridge


If you're looking to add some eye candy to your social media profiles on your next trip to Boston, I have got some fab drool worthy places for you to visit. And yes....don't roll your eyes at me--it's all about the gram these days!

This was my second time in New England and it really grabbed me by all my heart strings this go around. I could truly see myself living there . Being in Boston truly makes me feel like I am constantly living in a beautiful postcard. It's easy to get carried away with the historic sites, the amazing architecture surrounding the city and the beauty you see even just by standing on a random intersection within the city. It really is such a pretty pretty city.  

Boston Public Gardens

The Public Garden is the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. Boasting views of Boston’s iconic skyscrapers such as Hancock Tower. Stroll along the pathways and snap a pic along the bridge, or with a swan boat! When you take a trip to the Public Garden it is impossible not to walk away with an amazing insta post. It's absolutely beautiful here and I could spend hours upon hours here. 

 Tatte Bakery

I have talked about this gem before in my first Boston travel diary and it's such a gem of a place--I had to visit again and will continue to visit every single time I am in Boston. They have several locations though and I would love to see each one as the two I have visited this far (Beacon Hill & Harvard Square) have entirely different vibes. Stump-town coffee, delicious french pastries, brunch, pretty tiles, and gorgeous light-- could it get any better?!! 

 Harvard University

One of the prettiest campuses in the world in my opinion, especially in the fall. Each time I visit, I find a different corner of the campus that catches my eye. Catch more pretty postcards from Harvard here


 Little Donkey

Delicious and beautiful-----Located in the heart of Cambridge's Central Square, Little Donkey is the latest collaboration of James Beard Award-winning chefs Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonnette. The concept offers a global small plates menu driven by the chefs' travel & its diverse new neighborhood. Guests will find themselves sampling unique flavors from around the world- from Jersey to Japan -  heavily influenced by availabilities in local markets. This place will most defintely add some diversity to your feed. 

(food pics taken from their website)


I visited the Cambridge location and was so impressed with this little gem. You can find perfect insta drool worthy moments all around--especially if you love fashion. These are a family of non- profit thrift stores located in the Greater Boston area and ALL proceeds go to the AIDS Action Committee of MA. which makes my heart so happy. While we were there, they had an amazing auction taking place for a Ladies Night Out. And I still cannot get that beautiful fur out of my mind. 

Brattle Book Shop

SWOON! One of America's oldest & largest antiquarian bookshops, EST 1825.--I love the smell of old books and I could linger inside this place for hours on end exploring all the minds on the shelves. Second-hand books are just the best with all their marking and scribbles intact, their names on the fly-leaf, and train and bus tickets marking certain pages. I cannot help but wonder about all the people who owned the book before me. They were remodeling the alley way during my visit so there were no books outdoors but typically you can spot strangers in all the pretty light browsing books. Snap away. 


 The port/area four in Cambridge

The Port, formerly known as Area Four, is a high-density residential neighborhood with around seven thousand residents, bounded by Hampshire Street to the north, the Boston & Albany Railroad to the east, Prospect Street to the west, and Massachusetts Avenue to the south. The major commercial center and transit center of The Port lies in Central Square with the main commercial strip along the Massachusetts Avenue edge, while smaller commercial areas exist along Main Street, Prospect Street, and Hampshire Street. Most of The Port is residential in character. However, the triangle in the southern part of the neighborhood bounded by Massachusetts Avenue, Main Street, and the Grand Junction Railroad (sometimes known as the Osborn Triangle) is a former industrial center now home to high-tech labs and offices, as well as facilities for the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I could wonder around for ages here and just take photos! The photo above is one of my favorite buildings ever. 

Copley square

Copley Square, named for painter John Singleton Copley, is a public square in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood, bounded by Boylston Street, Clarendon Street, St. James Avenue, and Dartmouth Street. It was previously known as Art Square until 1883, due to the number of cultural institutions located there at the time, some of which remain today. You of course must visit the public library. It's heavenly. You can catch pics of that from my first trip

Lolita/ Back Bay/ Boston Common

First off there is much to see in The Back Bay. It's a beautiful walk from Boston Public garden to Lolita walking through The Boston Common. Beautiful architecture, beautiful residential properties and so on. So take your time and soak it all in with a camera. I chose Lolita for my guide because first--it was one of the most amazing restaurants I have ever been to and second--so many good insta worthy opportunities with the complimentary granita on fire that is brought to your table and the cotton candy with pop rocks!! You will have so much to photograph here. I promise. 

The verb hotel

This boutique, music-themed hotel in the heart of Fenway offers a retro vibe and modern amenities. If you love rock and roll--this place is absolutely for you. 

Fenway park

Does this even need an explanation?! The home of the Boston Red Sox needs no intro even if you are not a baseball fan. I wish we toured this in the day time but either way- grace your insta with this magical place. 

 Sowa open market

The SoWa open market is truly magical. I absolutely loved everything about this. If I lived in Boston you could find me here every Sunday. Now in its 14th season, the award-winning SoWa Open Market is Boston's largest celebration of local artists, farmers, chefs, brewers and musicians. It's the perfect place to stock up on seasonal fresh produce, local handmade gifts, fresh flowers. and treasures for yourself..including Vintage beauties. 


Cool store selling small, decorative potted plants & flowers, plus container gardening supplies. Don't forget to use the trending hashtag #ABMPLANTLADY with this post loves!

Olives and grace

The cutest little gift shop in the cutest little neighborhood just doors away from Niche. Love their small-batch locavore food products & bespoke gift items. I wanted every single thing in here. The cards are fantastic and they have the loveliest baby products if you need a shower gift! 

Boston's North End

The North End, Boston’s Little Italy, is a maze of narrow streets with some of the city’s oldest buildings. On the self-guided Freedom Trail, tourists pass historic sites like the 1680 Paul Revere House and the Old North Church, which played a key role at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Italian restaurants, coffeehouses, pastry shops and old-school delis pack the area, especially on lively Hanover Street. This is my fave area in all of Boston. It looks really different during various times of the day too. 

 Shake Shack

Because if you didn't photograph it--did it happen?!! We also managed to do this on #nationalcheeseburger day!!! My first Shake Shack and I loved it!! We hit the Newberry Street location. It has the loveliest patio to people watch. 

 isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a museum in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, located within walking distance of the Museum of Fine Arts and near the Back Bay Fens. We loved meeting Isabella & Her Museum and learning more about the daring visionary and the Museum she created. I will just let the pics above talk for themselves. Who wouldn't want these on their instagram?!

And inside Isabella's museum is Café G. This sleek museum cafe is open to the public and has an upscale global menu often inspired by art exhibits. I love the views from the library room.

 Frenchie Wine Bistro

Modern French restaurant with a wall-length wine bar & romantic garden-side solarium. I cannot get enough of this place. And everyone loved it on my gram.

And of course stop by and snap a shot of Acorn Street in Beacon Hill. I talk about it in my first Boston post. I linked it below for you!

Boston + Cambridge Travel Diary

Happy travels to New England!!! And let me know what fabulous places I missed on my two trips so I can add them to my next Boston itinerary. 


So much thanks to James and Brianne for always being amazing Boston tour guides and making sure I successfully hit all the places on my list!!!!