Let's Take The Scenic Route Featuring Simon & Ruby

we might return from our journeys with a collection of small unfêted but life enhancing thoughts.....
— Alain De Botton

(Wearing Camilla from Simon & Ruby's Fall Collection Firenze) 

One of my earliest memories of a child is standing in the El Paso airport waving good-bye to my grandfather who traveled for work. This was pre 9-11 and you could actually wait with your loved ones at the gate. I watched him walk down the jet bridge until I couldn't see him anymore. My grandma would want to leave but I would wait and watch the plane pull away from the jetway and fly into the sky. We could leave when the tiny dot in my sight disappeared completely. He would bring me a doll back from every single trip he took. I will never forget my first doll. The store ran out of the girls so it was a boy--a cabbage patch doll named Charlie according to his birth certificate. My passion for adventure began right then and there and these trips and the world seemed like such a fascinating place and I could not wait to explore every inch of it.

Seeing the magical things you dreamed about as a child come to life is such an amazing thing. I mean, just think about the time you dipped your toes in the ocean for the very first time or the time you stood in the forest looking up at the Redwoods that seemed to just be one with the big blue sky. 

Always taking the scenic route....in life. 

I always have a serious case of Wanderlust. I get my best ideas and inspirations when I travel. I don't even mind visiting the same place 50 times because I can find something fresh about it making it feel brand new. I just discovered this last week in Austin. I visited so many different places and cannot wait to tell you about those soon. I find that you can often explore new places in your own surroundings too. My intern and friend Jenna and I discovered this yesterday as we strolled through downtown Tulsa on a crisp sunny day in search of a delicious latte. It's amazing what you can find on foot once you really have your eyes wide open so-to- speak. As we sat in a little cafe on Boston Avenue sipping our drinks we had a moment of feeling like we were in Chicago. We took a few hours and explored some of the prettiest architecture. Downtown Tulsa is really so beautiful and interesting. Every time we step out of our routine, we set out on a voyage of discovery, it may be across town to explore a new art gallery or coffee shop or travel across the world to Bali to find yourself like Elizabeth Gilbert. I find myself in new places, foods, and people and yesterday was such a breath of fresh air. 

I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list
— Susan Sontag

Then I started thinking about style (you are totally seeing the mind of Sam after way too much caffeine...laugh out loud)  and how for me style and travel are so connected. Style is always growing and evolving, constantly inspired by the past and never not predicting the future. A few years ago, if you had asked me how I would define my style, my answer then would have been a bit different than how I’d define it now all though I have always had a bohemian vibe. That has never changed. I have always been a trend setter pushing the envelope with textures, hats, fur, and you can always find me in a gown simply over dressed--all though I am living in an oversized capelet this season with skinny pants. And cowboy boots are always a must in my world. I have always pulled style inspiration from the places I visit..especially now living in Oklahoma where it's very easy to get in the rut of boring old pants, off the shoulder tops, and booties...YAWN.  Beauty really does lie in the details – it’s what makes individual style so unique. It’s these quirks that make Go French Yourself a destination for the inspired and romantic dreamer. I’ve come to love this whimsical, boho yet sophisticated style inside of me, so partnering with Simon and Ruby again is always a dream come true.

Simon and Ruby was founded on the love of leaving your heart in places all around the globe, and finding new places of yourself there, too. 

Their new Firenze Collection is just darling. I can see where Lindsay was inspired by the beautiful warmth of Florence. Within the Firenze Collection, you'll find hand-shaped domes of brass and copper which embrace semi precious stones in the warm palettes of the city. These halos of oxidized metal mimic both the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and the metallic halos found in many Italian Renaissance paintings. And I am simply in awe. 

I love shapes and architecture and these pieces encompass all of those elements. 

This summer I was lucky enough to hop on the back of my BF's BMW motorcycle and travel 6,500 miles across The Pacific Northwest making this my longest adventure yet. He took me to places I had been dreaming about since I was little. I am still not even half way done with the travel diaries because there was just simply so much. And I need more time in the day. I really hope to get them all completed over the Thanksgiving holiday as I will be in Houston for one week and will have lots of down time. In the mean time though--- I will be sharing my absolute favorite places from the trek over on The Simon and Ruby blog next week. You will not want to miss the deets of this awfully BIG adventure. These were the destinations that captured my attention and sparked my imagination. 

So head there next Tuesday November 7th and travel along with me!

And be sure to tell me which piece from the new collection you snagged?!! Here are mine.

No matter where you are, Simon and Ruby embarks the traveler in all of us....


All photography by Jenna Mandel. (You will be seeing a lot of her beautiful work here on the blog and on my social channels--honored to work with her.)

Jewelry was gifted to me by Simon & Ruby.