Explore Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is where the West begins and Dallas is where the East peters out
— Will Rogers
-Don't forget the boots...

-Don't forget the boots...

We have had this trip to Fort Worth on the books for quite some time as Lin's nephew would be tying the knot on a beautiful Autumn weekend in October in Texas. Lin and I have spent quite a bit of time in Dallas, my former home for years and years and had passed through Funky Town for lunch a few times but had never spent time overnight there. I know quite a bit about Fort Worth as it was a territory I covered with Aveda for about a year and would love getting out of the BIG D  some nights for some good live music and a change of scenery. This ain't my first rodeo y'all. Most "Dallasites" (Hello me) really hate the term DFW because Dallas and Fort Worth can both stand on their own. They are incredibly different. Lin kept referring to our trip to friends as --we are going to Dallas. And I immediately corrected him----we are not even going close to Dallas my fox---we are going to Fort Worth--it's like calling an apple an orange. I seriously threw a good old Texan hissy-fit. 

Fall in Texas is magical. We get some relief from those crazy hot temps. The sunshine-filled days, the colors of the trees in the parks, justifying wrapping yourself up in as many comfy layers as possible without looking too insane, --these are just some of the reasons I love autumn. It really is my fave season and October really is one of the happiest months. And to attend an October fall wedding--well now that is just total bliss. Every wedding should be in the fall and winter if you ask me!

We had been home from our month long moto trek for a while now and I was certainly ready to get back on the road. I also had found myself in a creativity slump with a huge case of writer's block coming over me. I still am not even half way in with the travel diaries I promised you all from our trip. Le sigh. Even though most days are like roller coasters it's so rewarding being your own boss, making your own decisions, planning your own days and most wonderfully, earning your own money! It's empowering, motivating, rewarding, challenging, interesting and completely fulfilling. I wouldn't change anything that's happened in the past few years one bit. It's all actually been rather amazing and for the better.

So let's talk about my Fort Worth faves, shall we?! I will also be sharing a few pics from Davis's and Allie's rehearsal dinner and wedding but hope to get them on the blog soon for a Q & A once they get settled. 



Craftwork Coffee Co. on Magnolia..all though they have a few locations-- is one of the best coffee shops around - they make an extremely good latte and have a delish brekkie burrito. The Spiral Diner is not to be missed. This vegan gem will even surprise the BBQ lover in your life. Bread Winners--yep..that's right. One of my BIG D faves is now making it's mark in University Park. The chicken and waffles will forever own my heart and that jalapeńo gravy recipe of their's needs to make it's way into my recipe box. Joe T Garcia's is another wonderful little restaurant I always have the pleasure of visiting in Funky Town--margaritas, fajitas, enchiladas...everything you need for that big Texas welcome is here including the patio the size of Texas. Do not let the long lines intimidate you--it moves fast, plus you can have someone grab some margs from the bar so you can sip while you wait. Of course you cannot come to Fort Worth and not have some BBQ so my fave is Heim. They have a great burger too. Do brunch on the fab patio of  Press Cafe located at The Trailhead in Clearfork. The menu is farm to table and simple and OMG-they serve Stumptown. Travel back in time for craft cocktails at Thompson's Bookstore. Located in the historic Vybek building in downtown Fort Worth, Thompson’s elevates the art of the cocktail while transporting you to a simpler time. Created by two bar men with the notion of providing signature and classic cocktails to be enjoyed in a hospitable and mysterious ambiance. Reflecting a prohibition style vibe Thompson’s goal is to expand your horizons with their cocktails and spirit collection. Mambo Taxi's and Mambo Limousine's are a must too at Taco Diner. Indulge in some tacos from Yucatan Taco Stand --the tequila lime chicken are my personal fave and their roasted salsa makes me drool. You have to visit The Stockyards. Nothing embodies Western heritage better than the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. From the original brick walkways to the wooden corrals, every inch of the Stockyards tells the true history of Texas’s famous livestock industry. The Fort Worth Herd is the world's only twice daily cattle drive, held every day at 11:30 AM & 4:00 PM. And you can catch a Wild West show. There is a ton of stuff to do for the whole family so bring the littles. Get lost in modern contemporary art at The Modern. It's a beautiful place to soak in art and architecture. The newest exhibit from Misty Keasler will get you into the Halloween spirit too. She has 40 photographs of haunted houses across America on display right now. Check out The Kimbell Art Museum too. Finally, loving the remodel of The Worthington Renaissance Hotel in Sundance Square. The rooms were super cozy and we had a great stay minus Valet losing my car one day making us late for the wedding ceremony. The location is prime though---there is so much to explore in Sundance Square.  

Enjoy dears! Let me know your fave places to shop please. I did not get too much time to do any of that this trip!