Pool Day Essentials Including Your New Fave Refreshing Drink

Now I know what you are thinking---why the heck is Samantha talking about what to bring poolside in October?! 

Summer is hanging on for dear life here in Oklahoma and I got invited to a pool party to officially kiss summer goodbye for good. I also have tons of friends who leave for the winter and head to sunnier tropical places over the holidays so I thought this post would come in handy for them. My friend Katie is actually spending Christmas in Hawaii and I am like not jealous at all. (insert sarcasm here) 

So this coming weekend  the weather forecast calls for clear, sunny skies with a high of 85 degrees. EIGHTY FIVE DEGREES! Talk about perfect pool party weather! You can actually lounge out with friends without just sweating to death and feeling like you need to be in water the whole time. 

There are a few essentials that I always pack along a pool day retreat.

Here is what will be in my beach bag to ensure the most perfect day!


I don't go anywhere without sun protection--especially a pool party. I love to use a sunscreen specifically formulated for face on myself so that I avoid any clogged pores since my skin can be prone to be oily.


Sometimes I think we often forget that the lips are skin too, and are sensitive to the sun. Ever have a lip sunburn?! Oh my god...I will never make that mistake again.  Toss an extra lip balm with SPF in your pool bag that way you will never forget it. 


My eyes are extremely sensitive to the bright sun. I always have sunglasses with me at the pool. Again I even toss an extra pair in my pool bag so they are always there. 


I love a good hat as it's a great statement piece but a good summer hat protects my scalp from burning, offers a bit more shade from the sun on my face, and protects my hair color. 


Of course you are mingling with friends but it's nice to have some down time too when you are lounging in the sun. I always have a good read on hand. I am currently reading my friend Andi's new book Wanderful


You must keep yourself hydrated in the heat. Water is always a great option, but sometimes I am wanting something with a little flavor. I love coconut water too because of all the great benefits but I am not overly crazy about the taste of it. So I was so excited when Welch's sent me a beautiful gift box with two new products of theirs to try--Welch’s 100% Juice with coconut water !! The rose gold pineapple cups have already made their way into my heart!

I love Welch's because it reminds me of precious moments from my childhood with my grandpa. Welch's is also farmer owned and family grown and you all know how much I love supporting businesses that are a trusted brand. Welch’s is owned by the 900 farmer families that grow their grapes!!! 

Now, I can enjoy all the benefits of coconut water without compromising the Great Taste and Refreshing Goodness of Welch’s that I know and love. Welch’s 100% Juice with Coconut Water is incredibly delicious and it naturally has 30% less sugar which makes me very happy. It's only 100 calories per serving and has 2 servings of fruit in every 80z glass. 

 You can find two flavors ---Tropical Berry Grape and White Grape Mango. I loved both so it's hard to pick a favorite. Check out their website to find out more about it and where you can find it. It's been an amazing post indoor cycling drink too rehydrating my body. 


Don't forget a good playlist and your donut floatie! And waterproof camera. 

Also check out my recipe for a spooky Halloween punch using both flavors. 

What are some other staples you always carry poolside?!!!