Tailgating With Tacos//Taco Bueno Giveaway


I live in Oklahoma and Okies take their college football super seriously. Like---it's a religion down here in Mid America. I thought Texas was pretty serious about it until I moved here. 

No matter if you bleed orange or red, (our house is divided so that can always can get fun) we can all agree tailgate season is a pretty special time in an Okie’s life. While there are many differences between the Cowboys and Sooners, there are also many similarities, one of them being their love for tailgating. Super fans from both teams love their school, talking football, enjoying each other’s company, and most importantly, the delicious food that comes along with tailgates. 

Modern tailgating has gotten pretty involved too, thank goodness.  It’s no longer bringing a six-pack and sitting on the back of someone’s pickup truck. Now elaborate parties exist that you can host from a parking space or even pre party at someone's house. To ensure you’re prepared for game day, I am sharing a few of the best tips and tricks to maximize your tailgating experience from some trial and error over the years.

So food---the most important part of the Tailgating experience---I like to keep things simple here because truth be told, I am terrible with the grill and planning. And funds can really add up quickly here. When my friends at Taco Bueno reached out about their new Wholotta Tailgate Box, it was a no brainer. Their first Wholotta box was a huge hit at my Bachelor watch party. (catch the deets here

Each box includes eight Crispy Beef Party Tacos or eight Chicken or Beef Taquitos, four large bags of chips and five large dips, including Queso, refried beans, jalapeño ranch, firehouse salsa and Taco Bueno’s signature red salsa.  Everything you need for an awesome tailgating party! And in true Samantha style--I dressed mine up for game day last weekend for a small little tailgate gathering with a few friends. I mean are you at all surprised here?! This leather serving platter was the perfect size! Lin also made his perfect guacamole and I made some sangria popsicles. Everything was perfect for this little Tex-Mex party cheering on our teams!

(Check out the giveaway hosted by Taco Bueno at the end of the post too. Their is a $25 gift card up for grabs) 

So here's a few tips and tricks!! 

1. Research the tailgating site: Even before you get to the packing and prepping of food, make sure you know where you can park, what the facilities are like, and what the rules are. Are open flames allowed so that you can grill if you chose to bring one? Is there running water, bathroom facilities, or rules about alcohol? What time can get there, and how late can you stay?

Think about the weather and the time of day when planning — will it be hot or rainy and a tent would be useful? And make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there and set up.

2. Pack in, pack out: Unless a tailgate site explicitly says so, assume that everything you bring in comes home with you, including trash. Make sure you have plenty of heavy-duty trash bags, figure out how you'll handle recycling and packaging leftover food. 

3. Multiple coolers are a must: Two coolers are the minimum — one for food and one for drinks. If you have a third for the raw food that needs to be cooked, even better! Make sure foods are wrapped tightly to prevent leaking and cross-contamination, and pack the things you'll need immediately at the top.

Label your drink coolers and tie a bottle opener to the handle so it's convenient and never gets lost. Make sure you have enough ice for drinks and to keep everything cold until you get home. Always have enough H2O too. Tailgating is an all day affair and you need to stay hydrated. Bring along a big water container with a dispenser for hand-washing too.

4. Equipment: Pack a few folding or portable chairs and tables. A tablecloth looks nice and makes for easier cleanup, and a few big stackable plastic bins can serve as trash and recycling bins. Don't forget a cutting board, sharp knife, and serving platters. Foil can help scrape down a dirty grill, keep food warm, or wrap up leftovers.

5. A Throw: It can be chilly sometimes so always bring a throw or a blanket. I always keep an extra in my car for this very reason. 

Pretty easy breezy, right?! 

So now for that giveaway!!! 

Want to try the Wholotta Box? Just leave a comment below telling me about your favorite tailgating memory or you can comment over on instagram too if easier. I will be picking a winner at random on Tuesday the 26th and will announce it on my insta stories at 9 p.m CST. 


Good luck my dears and happy happy football season!!!!