Tulsa Blogger & Influencer Meet and Move Event At Club Pilates

For several months, I’d been toying with the idea of hosting a “get-together” for a bunch of bloggers and was never quite sure how I wanted it to play out. It had been a while since I hosted one and I wanted to make it super fun and exciting!  So I decided to combine my love of blogging, connecting, and Pilates to create a Pilates & Prosecco event with the fabulous crew from Club Pilates. I knew it will be such a fun way to kick off summer and visit with one another! It's amazing how little we actually get to connect even though we live in the same city

On Saturday mid-afternoon, I invited a group of ladies from The Tulsa area to join me for a social hour and workout at Club Pilates in Jenks. Take a look at my Facebook invite incase you need some inspiration to host your own Meet & Move Event. 

While most of the ladies I had met at various blogger and influencer events before, a few were new to me. It was so nice to finally make face-to-face connections with some new women, and we all became fast friends. The attendees included girls who focus on fashion, fitness, beauty, interiors, lifestyle and food and some who do a little bit of everything. One girl even has her own line of jewelry that she makes.

The ladies present included the fabulous Krista, ThuyMelissa, CassieAnaCinderella,  JeanaLaura, Leticia, and Danielle.  (I have linked them to their Instagram pages as you all should most definitely keep up with them- and me, of course!) 

(we took the group photos prior to the workout so Ana and Cinderella are missing from the group photo)

When the ladies arrived, they signed a waiver for the workout. From there we began to mingle and take pics! We had the perfectly sized crowd of just about 14 bloggers & influencers total, and it’s a good thing there weren’t more ladies, because three hours just didn’t seem like enough time to hang out and fit in the “sweat” portion of the day.

Then Jessica (the instructor) gave them a quick introduction to the reformer and I welcomed everybody and then we got started with the hour long workout. 

 Jessica took them through a nice challenging class giving them a taste of a little bit of everything Club Pilates has to offer. We learned the ways of the reformer, got in some planks and barre work, and did some weight training with the TRX straps. I loved seeing their reactions. They really pushed themselves! And it didn’t hurt that we selected a focus of “power” for the workout, so there was definitely some cardio moments and and all-out efforts required of them all.

After the workout, we gave high-fives, posed for some after-photos, enjoyed some nibbles, Prosecco, (the Sorelle Bronca was sooooo tasty) and popsicles and chatted before we went on our merry way. It was such a good time, and as I said, went by far too fast!

These types of blogger meet-ups are super important. I always feel re-energized about the efforts I put into my own blog, when I get the chance to share stories with other people who do the same thing as I do. 

Of course, our memories will live on, and there was plenty of social media-ing to be done. So be sure to check out everyone's stories and posts!

When planning this event, I reached out to some of my favorite brands to see if they would be interested in providing some treats and gifts for my blogger influencer friends. And not only were they interested, they all went above and beyond. Just check out the line-up …

So much pretty swag!!

In the weeks leading up to the event, every time I would get a delivery, I was consistently shocked at how much was sent! So so appreciative to these companies I have built relationships with along the way! The girls loved everything so much. It has been so fun seeing their social shares and thank you notes!

  • Thank you so much to Club Pilates Jenks Landing who provided my outfit, the swag bag totes, pop sockets, and the 2 day class passes for the girls. Thank you so much for also providing the nibbles from Char Char
  • Thank you to Clean Cause,  Guayaki, and Sparkling Ice who totally spoiled us with tons of delicious refreshing non alcoholic beverages. 
  • Thank you to Provisions Fine Beverage Purveyors  for providing the amazing Prosecco for us to enjoy after class. Love Scott and Kala Large so much..you can learn more about them and their business here. They also gave each lady 2 cans of Ramona grapefruit wine spritzer. Each influencer also received either a can of Pacific Bloom Sangria from Alloy Wine Works  or a can of Poly Dolly from Tin City Cider. Provisions has brought the best wines to Oklahoma!! And canned wine is seriously all the rage! If local you can find these at Ranch Acres
  • Thank you to Jared's Pro Pops for donating his delicious probiotic popsicles to every attendee. You can find him at The Cherry Street Famers Market on Saturday mornings! Check out his ProPop sodas too and his Probiotic Grain Free Granolaä
  • Thank you to LäraBar for the delish coconut cream nutrition bars for everyone to snack on.
  • Thank you to Skylar for giving each influencer a Sample Palette of their four natural fragrances and a full size 8 ounce candle from their newer Skylar Home Fragrance Collection. So above and beyond! 
  • Thanks to Stacked Skincare for providing each influencer with either a Micro-Roller or a Dermaplaning Tool. So incredibly amazing!! And so above and beyond.
  • Thank you to Yes To for donating the Detoxifying Charcoal Snap Mask™ Sticks. 
  • Thank you to Bröö for providing the fabulous hair products. Each influencer received either a shampoo or conditioner!
  • Thank you to J Spencer Utica Square for providing the fabulous fashionable leather earrings. 
  • Thank you to H20+ Beauty for giving each influencer an Oasis Hydrating Treatment.
  • Thank you to Leaner Creamer for supplying the natural coffee creamer samples. 

And finally, thank you to all the lovely ladies who showed up and worked out. You gals were total rockstars, and I truly enjoyed spending time together.

I had so much fun planning and hosting so I will definitely be doing another one soon.

Until next time …

Bloggers, have you ever been to a meet-up?

When is the last time you tried something new?

P.S. If you’re a blogger in Oklahoma, make sure you leave your email below, so I can let you know when I host another event!


Thanks again to Club Pilates! And special thanks to Jessica for teaching with Katie there as a support teacher and so much special thanks to Jenna Mandel for taking photos!!!!!!