Traveling The Lost Coast// Ferndale, Fort Bragg & Mendocino Coast

Continuing my moto trek northwest and sharing some travel diaries today on Go French Yourself. We left Portland and started traveling The Oregon Coast on the 101 until we met California. And we sure did find some charming places along the way to San Francisco. 

Discover the California Redwoods' best-kept secret: Historic Ferndale

Nestled between the California Redwoods and fabled Lost Coast, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is a hidden oasis of small town charm, spectacular architecture, enchanting natural beauty and welcoming North Coast culture. With its fusion of old-fashioned Americana and modern quirkiness - and a scenic setting straight out of the movies - this small but thriving dairy town near Eureka, CA is the perfect destination for a fun family vacation, rugged outdoor adventure or romantic weekend getaway. 

About the Historic Victorian Village of Ferndale


Tucked away between the California Redwoods and Humboldt Bay, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is a magical town that blends the best of the past and the present, all amidst the backdrop of Northern California's magnificent Lost Coast. Visitors come here for their fantastically preserved Victorian era architecture and stunning coastal scenery.

It's a haven for artists and creative-minded folks who left behind the fast pace of the suburbs or city to follow a dream, make a difference and lead a fuller life.Whether you're drawn to historic architecture, want to explore the incredible coastline and forests, or are simply looking for an escape from the everyday world-Ferndale is for you!

A piece of untouched lost paradise!

Just researching about this remote California's Pacific Coastal area was so intriguing and exciting!  Now it was time to conquer The Lost Coast trail. The condition of the road is not pristine by any means but is totally doable. The trail is part of the Kings Range Mountain--therefore the road goes from right to left, right to right or sometimes it gives you a quick rollercoaster-like rush from going unexpectedly to the other direction. The trail goes from some tall redwood trees to beautiful pastures where cows are lounging and peacefully ruminating. If you're the adventurous type of person who just wants enjoys dramatic scenery...just go and enjoy this beautiful unspoiled and undeveloped part of California. Once you reach the wild beach ...the trail takes you to Petrolia and we ended it up in the Ave of the Giants which is so exciting to see the ancient forest in the late afternoon light. We rode up through Ferndale and then back down through Ferndale and then headed to Fort Bragg to stay overnight. This was a super long day, exciting but long on the bike. (8 hours)

We stayed at the Cleone Gardens Inn which is absolutely precious. You can experience the beauty of California’s Mendocino Coast in their boutique hotel, which is surrounded by forested trails and lush garden landscapes, and relax in one of their 11 quiet and comfortable guest rooms, each of which comes with a private bathroom. We loved the beautiful grounds!!!

We had a delicious supper at The Purple Rose. The Purple Rose serves up great Mexican food (Tex-Mex style) tacos, burritos, tamales, house made salsa, and fresh chips with a full bar and world famous margarita’s! 

Just one more sleep until San Francisco -my fave city in the whole world. We were only 5 hours away at this point!!!

What are some of your favorite Northern California experiences along the coast?!!!