Tulsa's 4 Most Instagrammable Walls


I love exploring a city I’m visiting and capturing its essence. When I travel somewhere new, or if I want to play tourist in my own city, I like to find the best spots to take pictures. I so look forward to really capturing all the hot spots in all the cities I travel to and sharing them with you so you can also capture some amazing photos for your Insta grid. And we know it's for Instagram, right?! Laugh out loud. 

So there are some people who never feel the urge to leave the house . They’re completely content to stay in the city they came from and literally just float in the 360 degrees that surround them. And then there’s the rest of us who can’t sit still . We have a love for travel and curiosity. We love taking risks, exploring new places , ideas, and foods. We even live for the day trips hitting that big magical open road exploring our own cities . We embrace these #NeverIdle lifestyle just like #TeamValvoline

I’m working with Valvoline to feature some of Tulsa’s coolest street art with my top 4 murals that are not to be missed! Valvoline believes we were never meant to sit. To rest. To settle . We were meant to run. So we totally align in so many ways. 

Come travel along with me and our ‘89 Porsche Carrera 4 today as we tour my fave four. I hope this blog post is helpful to anyone coming to visit Tulsa or any local Tulsa folks who want to further explore their city.

Ana Marietta MURAL

Location: 306 Phoenix Ave. If you are traveling Charles Page, you cannot miss it. 

Sarah Sullivan Mural

Location: Kiddlestix Toy store at 3815 S Harvard Ave




Location: Habit- non-profit public art project with a mission to enhance our city and inspire cultural growtH at 860 East Admiral Blvd.

These are my favorite walls in Tulsa and I know there are more beautiful murals out there! I encourage you to share your favorite walls and murals either in the comments or on Instagram using the hashtag: #TulsaWalls #TulsaMurals!

This was such a fun day just literally jumping in the car and exploring my city. Being a creative it's hard some days to keep pushing forward , to attempt things that are difficult but traveling inspires the heck out of me. So please travel!! Take a part of your own city you have never been in and explore ..try a new restaurant - eat alone - heck eat with a stranger - just refuse to give in to complacement and staying still . Not wanting to move forward in life (business, relationships, health) and advance yourself is the most common and detrimental mistake any person can make in today’s world. For the most part, any happy individual has always seen more to what is in front of them. They have the vision and the awareness to not allow their selves to fall into the quicksand that is complacency.Now, by no means am I insisting you cannot live a typical, settled life and live it happily. A comfortable life, lived without straying from the norm is 100 percent achievable and has been since the dawn of time. However, what I am implying is that, no matter if you want normalcy or extraordinary abnormality in your career or personal life, you have strive for more than what is comfortable.

Settling into comfort is not the way to achieve this. In either situation, or any scenario in between, you might find yourself slowly sinking into a routine, going through the motions, and before you know it, you’re neck deep in the quicksand, and it’s too late.

I really enjoyed putting this blog post together for you guys. Please let me know if you’d like any more TUL themed guides!

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Special thanks to Valvoline for sponsoring this post and special thanks to my sweetheart for being a good sport and taking these snaps.