Ways to Stay Healthy On A Long Winter Trip Featuring Hum Nutrition

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Happy Tuesday darlings!

At the beginning of this year, I made a difficult but needed decision to reclaim my health and get back into a "clean eating" and fitness routine. For the months of January and February I stayed put in T-Town and got into a solid routine, even doing pilates 4 to 6 days a week. And as excited as I was that my sweet fox was sweeping me away to two weeks it was also terrifying at the same time. It's easy to stick to this healthy lifestyle I so crave at home, but on the road?! Well--that's a whole other beast. I live to travel like this...exploring all that a new place has to offer from the landmarks, the shops, and of course all that delicious food and booze. But it's definitely an overload of my senses and well, all the rich food I indulge in is not easy on my waste line. Old man winter is also hanging onto dear life here and the whole trip has been pretty grey--with no Vitamin D in clear sight. 


One day in and indulging in Saint Louis pretzels (the yummy ballpark kind of pretzels) and hot beef sammie---well I began to get super nervous and feel super guilty and mad at myself.  This was my first trip since committing to a plan at Club Pilates and making better choices in the kitchen, even drastically cutting out alcohol completely. Was I going to fail after so much hard work??

It’s okay, Samantha, I told myself. You can keep up your lifestyle here while still enjoying life. 

Yes. I could travel and stay healthy and have a grand old time!! 

I am on the last leg of my almost two week long birthday trip across Central USA. Currently in Nashville and I absolutely cannot wait to publish my travel diaries for you from all the super amazing places we visited. I sure hope you have been following along over on my stories. But in the meantime, I am excited to share some best tips with you on how I keep healthy while traveling while still enjoying every second of my vacay. 


Establish healthy habits at home first.

 If you want to be in shape while you travel, you should commit to fitness at home long before you begin your fun adventures. The road is full of temptation — discipline at home will keep you on track while traveling! Personally I was so upset to interrupt my Pilates routine but building a strong foundation in the studio helped me tremendously out here. I learned some simple exercises I could do in my hotel room with my own body weight and some small hand weights and resistance bands that I carried along in my luggage. I also made sure to book hotels with fitness gyms if possible. I created the space in my day and just made it happen. 

Hydrate Frequently and Limit High calorie cocktails

Hydration is so important for your health. It helps your body work better, sleep better, and doesn't make you feel so famished. Very often we think we’re hungry when we’re actually just straight up thirsty. Again, at home I get more than my eight glasses a day but traveling--I am lucky if I even get two. So on this trip I have made a dramatic effort to drink water constantly. I brought a portable water bottle and carried it around--filling it often. And if you are craving something else stick to drinks with few calories: black coffee, green tea, and seltzer. Try to cut back on lattes, (that one is so tough for me) and alcohol--especially those fancy sugary delicious cocktails. If you really want to drink try some vodka with some fresh lemon juice and just sip. As a blogger who puts out travel diaries, I love to order cocktails bars and restaurants are known for but one thing that has really helped is Lin and I share one, where I just actually taste it and he drinks it up! Lol. 

Limit your indulging to once per day

Definitely be sure to indulge in that local deliciousness of the city you are in — it’s one of my favorite things to do! But just look for balance here. If you’re having a heavy rich carb heavy meal for dinner, get a simple protein and vegetables for lunch. Maybe even try a salad but beware of the salad dressing and all those toppings here. We often think we are making the most healthy choice on the menu by ordering the salad but in some cases we should have just had the burger. Lin and I share meals too which really helps the calorie intake. If you have dessert share it and don’t have three glasses of wine. You must allow yourself some of these indulgences from time to time, just not at every meal.

Take care of your body

Supplements ! Supplements! Supplements! I am such a fan girl of these the older I get. I recently was introduced to Hum Nutrition. HUM Nutrition is an all-natural line of supplements, powders and gummies that are sustainably sourced, made in the USA, non-GMO and free of soy, gluten, artificial colors, and preservatives, many are organic and vegan.Their mission is to turn the beauty routine inside out and have inner-health as the starting point of every beauty/self-care routine with a focus on prevention and long-term care, not just damage control and covering up.

Their FLATTER ME digestive enzymes are my favorite thing on earth, They support healthy digestion and a flatter tummy. Flatter Me is a comprehensive proprietary blend that supports all major phases of nutrient digestion. Specially formulated with a full spectrum of digestive enzymes and an herbal blend, it is designed to optimize protein, carb, fiber and fats breakdown and to help with nutrient absorption and relief from indigestion and bloating. Flatter Me is the result of a one year research project, during which Hum analyzed food habits and choices looking at over one million data points, to develop the perfect enzyme for a flatter stomach. These vegetarian capsules are are packed with pure & potent nutrients and like all of our products, gluten-free, non-GMO, GMP certified and sustainably sourced. This little magic pill has made a significant change in my life! I've always had issues with bloating and indigestion and Flatter Me gives me so much relief. My tummy feels and looks significantly flatter. I just take two capsules a day..both before my larger meals which are lunch and dinner. And especially on these long trips, I usually tend to not stay regular but with this supplement, I have no issues here. 

I have also been taking Hum's Here Comes The Sun which is high potency vitamin D3. An estimated 1 billion people worldwide are deficient in vitamin D. (hello, me) In a self reported study of consumers, 96% reported positive results with regular use of this. As a gal who is actually allergic to the sun-this is a lifesaver. 

I cannot wait to try more supplements from Hum soon. They have so many fabulous products for everyone for weight and body, hair and nails, anti-aging, cleanse and detox, and acne. You must check out all the options! Hum aims to demystify vitamins by making them chic and approachable via fun packaging/names and by providing personalized product recommendations from their team of Registered Dietitians (RD) based on your concerns are via a quick 3-minute evaluation . The RD is also available to answer questions and for ongoing support via your free account. Take the quick 3-minute evaluation here. 

Get vitamins and supplements for your beauty goals, backed by clinical results, designed to get you looking your very best and shipped to you each month. HUM’s monthly memberships are affordable, convenient, customizable and committed to results. Plus HUM membership options are an essential and convenient step in helping you look and feel your very best.

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Sign up for a Walking Tour

You are in a city you have never been and time is limited. Of course you want to see as much as possible! Lin and I love waking tours so much plus it's a great way to clock those daily steps and get moving.  I guarantee you it will be one of the most memorable activities of your trip. Plus, once you come home, you’ll have a story in your back pocket about that time you toured the jockey's quarters at Churchill Downs or the time you got to see so much of downtown Cincinnati on the mural tour. Another option? Explore the new pretty city on two wheels. So many places have bicycles to rent! 

And even if you do not have a tour scheduled--walk, walk, walk!


Hope you love these ideas my fellow travelers!

I cannot wait to show you all of the cities we have discovered in the next few weeks here on the blog! 

Let me know what Hum product you start with?! So curious about so many of them!! And don't forget to take 20% off your first online order using the promo code "NEWSETTE"