Celebrating Spring With Healthy Dog Treats Featuring Wagadō

OMG--we have arrived home from our trip and Tulsa is in full bloom. It's 80 degrees today and I just cannot believe it!

My sweet pups have been boarded for 12 days and were so thrilled to be reunited with us this morning. So of course always feeling a tad guilty for traveling--special treats were in order for them. 

My boys are super picky but they love Wagadō so much. And I love Wagadō so much. They are crazy dog people based in Austin who love dogs the way I love dogs and they are on a mission to change the treats our beloved fur babies eat. After growing discouraged by the number of recalls, misleading marketing, and googling of mystery ingredients, they decided to take the situation into their very own kitchen. Several failed baking attempts put them on the hunt for a treat mix we could bake at home that was nutrient dense, responsibly sourced, and easy to use. Nothing they found hit the mark so devoted to the idea of a healthier treat and unique nurturing experience for dog parents everywhere, they set off to create their own solution.

And I am so happy they did! 

Wagadō (wag-ah-doe) is the world’s first superfood-packed dog treat mix. Each pouch is filled with a passionately curated lineup of responsibly sourced whole foods that are loaded with the vitamins and nutrients every sweet pup deserves.

A monthly donation from proceeds is made to a local or national organization that helps dogs in need too. Be still my heart. 

They have four different flavors of baking mixes---carnivore, deep sea, sweet tooth, and zen. 

The Carnivore dog treat mix is loaded up with ingredients like beef liver, chicken breast, broccoli, and beet to deliver calcium, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium for optimal immune and bone health support. It's topped off by adding mushroom, chia seeds, sweet potato and probiotics for a hefty dose of antioxidants and digestive support.

The Deep Sea dog treat mix features ingredients high in omega-3 fatty acids. Green-lipped mussel, wild caught salmon, and nori seaweed help keep your fur babies'  hips and joints feeling young while also supporting heart health, brain function, and a healthy skin & coat. It's topped off by adding chia seeds, sweet potato, kelp, carrot and probiotics for a hefty dose of antioxidants and digestive support. 

The Sweet Tooth dog treat mix is made with ingredients high in vitamin A, iron, manganese, magnesium and potassium. Ingredients like banana, apple, whole oats, and carob chips help keep your darlings active while supporting healthy organ and muscle function. It's topped off by adding chia seeds, carob powder, honey powder, sweet potato and probiotics for a hefty dose of antioxidants and digestive support. This is my boys personal favorite!

The Zen dog treat mix is made up of ingredients with detoxification and anti-inflammation properties. Spirulina, dandelion root, and turmeric team up to keep your pups clean and pure. It's topped off by adding chia seeds, probiotics, honey powder, sweet potato, mint and parsley for a hefty dose of antioxidants and digestive support. 

We tried the Zen baking mix today in honor of Saint Patty's day tomorrow! Gotta keep things festive, right?!

And not a great baker?!

Yeah, me either. These are so easy so don't fret. You just add water + coconut (or veggie) oil! 

Melvin has to watch his weight and I simply do not worry about him with these treats. Both boys absolutely love them so much! 

If you order, tell Tess I sent ya! 

And now we lounge and snuggle!!!


(This post is sponsored by Wagado but all opionions are mine alone)