We All Scream For Ice Cream//Making Summer Memories With My Best Girl


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Zoë is here and we are having a blast! Summer is her favorite time of year. She appreciates the longer days and the cute trendy short shorts that are in style. From hiking and cycling, our summer is filled with activities outside. We also do a lot of grilling out poolside.You can’t beat a burger on the grill after a day of adventuring outside. And to top it off, we like to add in a treat every once in a while – like Root Beer Floats and Purple Cows. I mean good thing we stay active because I do not count calories while she is here. YOLO as she says! Plus it's officially ice cream season! 

Floats are just the right combination of cold and sweet!  The summer heat works perfectly with them so that, as the ice cream melts, they get better and better. I can remember as a child being so excited to make floats on hot summer nights with my sweet grandpa. I remember sitting out on the front porch with him as the day was just starting to cool off and the sun was setting and he would tell me stories about his travels. I remember how fun it was to see my grandpa pull the vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and grab a bottle of Root Beer or grape soda to go with it. And now, I am making those memories with my sweet girl. Traditions are everything and I want her to remember these special times and carry them over into her family when she grows up and settles down. 

I happened to create a little festive ice-cream float party for us too! It was quite adorbs. 

The freezer is always stocked up with delicious Hiland ice-cream. I love their brand because they use the best quality and local ingredients and practice sustainable practices. These are things that are so important to me. Their ice cream is so smooth and creamy and you can really taste the difference. Its made from pure Hiland Dairy milk, fresh and local from our farmer-owners, that contains no artificial growth hormones. Plus! It's always tested for antibiotics. Furthermore, Hiland Dairy is committed to sustainability to minimize waste and environmental impact. I mean...all the heart eyes, right??!! Plus I love that it's made here locally in Oklahoma. 

To make the perfect root beer floats you need the best ingredients. A quality root beer is a must! And little secret here...buy the canned one-----makes the highest mountain of foam on top of the glass. For the purple cows, pick up any grape soda! And for the orange dreamsicle floats, pick up your favorite orange soda.

The second ingredient to the perfect root beer float is the ice-cream! Hiland does the job just right! It comes in so many varieties and you can find it at your local Walmart Super Center. I love the classic vanilla bean flavor the best, especially for root beer floats. 

Start the root beer float (or any other float) process by placing the glasses in the freezer for about 30 minutes. (this is the best part)  Make sure the glasses don’t touch each other. If you are short on time, just place a scoop of ice cream in the glass and wait a few minutes until it’s melted and swirl it around to chill the glass.

Carefully add 1-2 scoops of Hiland ice-cream. 

Once the ice-cream is scooped in the chilled glass slowly pour the root beer, grape soda, or orange soda. When the foam reaches the top of the glass, stop pouring the soda and add a straw! 

Start sipping the float until you either run out of soda (that’s why I prefer the cans too, each person can leave with one can and refresh the float on their own) or until you get a brain freeze from drinking it too fast.

To make the float extra special you can top it with another scoop of ice-cream! My absolute favorite way to enjoy a root beer float! You can also add whipped cream and a cherry! 

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OMG....good luck! Good luck!

What are your favorite summer time memories with family?! I always love getting to know you guys!