Win a Trip to Seville, Spain to Celebrate OLIVEDA's 15th Birthday

For beauty that comes from the inside and glows to the outside.

Getting to visit Seville as a guest of Oliveda is without a doubt an absolute dream for me especially to travel with two of you dear followers! It’s something that I never thought I would ever in my wildest dreams be able to imagine up!

OLIVEDA is turning a beautiful 15 years! And they only celebrate big every 5 years, so they’re going to do it big for year 15!!

Since OLIVEDA will be 15, they are doubling the number to 30, which means from 08/26 to 09/06 there will be a fabulous 30% discount on the entire OLIVEDA range for all of you (as long as supplies last). 

Fifteen years is a long time, but when compared to the life of an olive tree (4,000 years), they are just in the tender infant stage. Nevertheless, a lot has happened in these 15 years !

From their humble creation in the olive grove to Germany and Europe; all the way to Asia, and now their beginnings in America! Their first product I01 (Orac & Camu Camu Olive Tree Concentrate) which was developed in the tree house until today where they now have 71+ products all based from the Olive Tree Concentrate.

This birthday is so special to them, so they thought of something equally as special to celebrate 15 years with me—and you!

It all goes back to their roots!

I hope to travel with two of my followers to OLIVEDA’s beginnings in Spain to the legendary Olive Tree - Treehouse. The whole thing is combined with an all expense paid luxury weekend in Seville, (for all three of us) the city of flamenco. Joaquin, their administrator, will be waiting for us at The Seville airport and take us to the hottest and most exclusive 🌟5-Star-Hotel🌟 in this region, which is located in an old city palace. There will also be time for relaxation, perhaps in an exclusive spa? In the evening we can enjoy tapas in the beautiful old town of Seville. The next day they will pick us up and we will travel together to the roots of OLIVEDA✨. In addition to the many insider stories Joaquin has to tell, a picnic awaits us in the legendary olive tree house - exactly where it all began 15 years ago.

Oliveda has a beautiful range of products too but I am going to share the three I really love!!

F07 Anti Aging Face Cream:

This highly active anti-aging cream contains olive polyphenols oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These two natural anti-aging ingredients profoundly stimulate living cells and prolong their lifespan. The natural, vital functions of the skin are again brought into balance, improving the elasticity of your skin and significantly reducing the visible signs of aging. The gently stimulating avocado oil helps reconstruct the skin on the cellular level, supplying it with deep penetrating moisture leaving it looking more youthful, smooth, and even.

F09 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream:

This gentle eye cream contains a combination of active ingredients of olive leaf cell elixir and extracts from the black, sun-ripened Arbequina olive. These moisturize the delicate area around the eyes, while it tightens and softens visible lines and small wrinkles. Crow?s feet are gently smoothed away, and puffiness under the eyes effectively reduced. Hydroxytyrosol and oleuropein act as true shields against harmful external influences allowing the eyes to appears more alert, awake, and refreshed. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

F06 Cell Active Serum Face:

This highly concentrated Facial Serum strengthens, tightens, repairs, and regenerates stressed and dehydrated skin through its high concentration of anti-aging power. The fresh olive leaf cell elixir in this serum is a true fountain of youth that is quickly absorbed into the skin. Moisturizing, nourishing, refining pores, reducing dark spots, and evening out wrinkles with immediate effect. The skin regains its vitality and shines with a youthful glow.

Oliveda has such a variety of products for you to try from haircare, bodycare, and even inside care. They even have some great starter sets! Learn more about them with the link below and let’s win this thing!!!! I need ten sales to qualify into the running!!!!!

Use promo code GOFRENCHYOURSELF30 at checkout so we get credit!!! And you get the 30% discount!!!

And let’s go to Barcelona while we are at it too! K!!??