Simple Kombucha Punch For A Party

This Tropical Mango Kombucha punch is refreshing, fizzy, and just plain gorgeous ! It’s a perfect healthy mocktail for a baby shower, a birthday party, even the holidays !

The ingredients for this mocktail are simple :: just a blend of mango lemonade, a couple splashes of bubbly Tropical Mango Wonder Drink Kombucha, and some fresh organic lemons and limes.

You can easily change this mocktail into a cocktail by adding vodka or gin! But honestly this mocktail gives you the kick that some of your favorite cocktails have thanks to the kombucha.

Not only does it add a little punch and fizz to this drink, it also packs in all of the amazing nutritional benefits that Kombucha is known for. -

I chose Wonder Drink Kombucha because it includes a gift of goodness for your good, live gut bacteria. It’s the first and only Prebiotic Kombucha using prebiotics from an organic plant fiber called xylo-oligosaccharides. “Xylo”which selectively nourishes good bacteria in your gut.

You can now purchase Wonder Drink Prebiotic Kombucha directly from They have a variety of flavors ! They offer free shipping on orders $24+ and if you order 6 cans of more you will receive a free pint glass!