Designer + Vintage = Wardrobe BLISS

People often ask me what my personal style is and the one thing that I can say is that I am a girl who loves mixing high end designer pieces with unique vintage gems. I concentrate daily on mixing these two when dressing myself and when styling any of my photo shoots. This is something I try to incorporate into my client's everyday as well and that approach has been getting a great response. 

Here are my favorite tips when starting to incorporate vintage pieces in with the designer frocks so you do not feel as though you walked off a period film set. 

1. Customize and Balance

     Looking stylish comes from a good fit. Even the fittest body can look frumpy in an ill fitting garment. Take the time to find and invest in a good tailor. This alone is such a game changer in your closet. (If you're local to Tulsa I love Miss Ann at Ann's alterations. She is my tailoring queen!) Be sure to hem trousers and skirts to a proper length for your body and the style you are trying to achieve. You can give an old garment new life. A gorgeous longer gown can be become a more flattering above knee A line skirt if you want to show off your legs. Love a vintage blazer but you hate shoulder pads? Do not fret girlina - just snip those out.

Vintage does not have to look dated and this is where i love throwing the designer garments into it so you really get a blend of both worlds and one world is not over powering the other. A perfect example of this from my Fall '14 photo shoot with Shop Sam's Closet. 

We paired a modern black BCBG Maxazria legging with a gorgeous cream Vintage blouse. The neck details on this blouse were just fantastic. We then added a designer sequin blazer with a modern designer heel but then loved the vintage shoulder bag to pull the whole look together...including the Prada sunnies. 

The same rules apply for more elegant evening galas. I incorporated the perfect blend of Vintage and Designer and my clients were knock outs on the red carpet. On Lauren (shorter hair) we did a royal blue vintage period piece with a vintage handbag and a designer fur coat to polish and complete the look. On Katie (longer hair) we reversed this. She is wearing a designer evening gown with a vintage fur and vintage handbag. 

2. Accessorize 

    I adore a strong accessory game. It's the quickest way to update any look. A simple black dress can go from blah to bling in seconds. This is also the easiest way to slowly start incorporating vintage into your designer wardrobe or vice versa. (Visit your local thrift stores and estate sales... you never know what you can find there!)

We styled Lauren in an amazing Svilu flounce hem dress but wanted to give it a pop of color so we found the most incredible red vintage necklace. The look is so subtle but we loved it together and it gave her a little vintage taste!! Then once you get comfortable with that you can jump right in and really start incorporating accessories. I love what I did in our 2015 fall shoot for Shop Sam's Closet. On Katie (dark hair model) I styled her in a Prada pencil skirt, Club Monaco striped tights, a Lanvin raffia platform, and then we took a vintage polyester blouse and threw a shorter sleeve vintage sweater over it with a patent vintage belt. We threw in a Chanel to keep it updated and modern and very fashion forward. Her jewelry is also vintage. On Lauren (shorter hair model ) we did a designer blouse and sweater with a vintage skirt, bag, and necklace with a modern heel from Zara. The accessories are so fresh and fun.

 3. Mix Decades

  I never want to look like I am going to a Costume party and sometimes when I am wearing Vintage threads I have to really remind myself of this one. This is also where the designer mix helps blend this too and tie everything together in very modern way. 

We love Lauren in a cigar pant from the 40's with a colorful suede jacket from the 80's with a modern designer heel from last season. We also love Katie in a floral Vintage gem from the 50's with a modern BCBG blouse and a vintage cardigan from the 90's with modern accessories!! Have fun with this one. 


Cannot wait to see how you how you style yourself using these tips!

Here are a few of my favorite vintage items to start incorporating ! Try something new with the bright tight too !



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