And the Oscar Goes To.....

Award season is my absolute favorite time of year and The Oscar's have a special place in my heart ! The stars, the red carpet, all the bling..... (SWOON).

Grab some decorations and invite your dears to watch with you! While some like the red carpet GLAM attire, I love for my guests to come in their pjs...

1. We are at the movies.

2. It's a school/work night and it's just easier for your guests to go straight home and fall into a deep slumber. (You can even do fun face masks and mani's and pedi's. I am all about multi tasking.)

I typically send the ballot out over email so the guest have time to get acquainted with the movies and categories. They are asked to come with their ballots but I would print some off just in case. (tip: glitter guide always has a great one) 

You can also print off an Oscar dress rating card! This is a really brilliant fun idea to interact with the red carpet portion of the event ! You can list the actress and the designer of their dress and the things you loved or hated. Make sure to have enough ink pens or pencils handy!

For inexpensive decor I typically find everything I need at Party City. I like to add a red carpet for my guests to strut as they come in (even though they are in pj's, it's still fun and silly.)  

I decorate the door and bathrooms with "No Paparazzi" tape and "VIP Tape" for a fun element. You can also get tiny oscars there to give to your guests and they have swag bags that you can put together if you really want to go all out!

I personally love the idea of purchasing Ken dolls and spray painting them gold. Framed pictures of the stars is fun too. Or even life size cut outs if you have resources to this kind of thing. Print out the faces of the nominees for the best actors and best actresses and attach those to straws. When your guests walk in they get to chose who they want to be for the night! Its a great way to keep track of whose glass is whose but also adds another fun element in keeping with the theme!

For swanky snacks I love the idea of pizza because it's easy but hot dogs are fun too. (think movies) Buy all the fun movie candy and definitely have pop-corn, soda, and tons of delicious champagne!!! Even splurge on the good stuff!! I always have a delish sweet treat made because the Oscars always fall on my birthday weekend!

Ladies and Gents..It's Show Time! I am really pulling for you this year LEO. Dear Oscars...please give him the Oscar. He got mauled by a grizzly bear and slept naked inside of a dead horse all in like one week.