Every year after Christmas I get so inspired to declutter my life in every way possible. It's the beginning of a new year and I just want to start it on the right foot. We take down the tree the 26th and have a week long purge. It feels incredible but can be overwhelming for many.  I have made the process somewhat easy and hopefully you will find some things to take away from. Share your pics and stories with me!

1. Bathroom Cabinet and your Makeup Drawer/Bag.

Babes... you will be shocked at what we hang onto that is actually expired... and we are putting this on our bodies and our faces. EEEK. I literally begin by completely emptying my bathroom vanity and my entire makeup drawer. I go through every single thing one by one tossing anything that is expired, empty, or is no longer really serving it's purpose. Check those makeup brushes too. And do not forget the nail polishes. They get old and weird! Then you can make a list of everything you might need to re purchase but at least it's organized and clear!

Pantry and Kitchen Cabinets

2.  Go through your pantry and kitchen cabinets. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen so for me this is the place that tends to get crazy really fast. Again go through each piece and check expiration dates. This will really show you what you have also that needs to get prepared so you can plan your weekly recipes around what you have!! This has been imperative for my household with saving money with grocery expenses. Go ahead and go through fridge and freezer too and do a thorough deep clean. This feels amazing!! Our pantry is an open concept so you would think we would keep it organized but nope. It's amazing how quickly everything gets disheveled. So really evaluate what you are not using and donate those items. Love getting the tax credits too prior to the new year (another incentive of getting it done). Only keep the things you are using and will use ! Bless and release everything else. 


Rearrange Furniture and Household Items 

3.  Do not feel like you have to rearrange your whole entire home. You can complete this step with as something as subtle as moving the tv. Or repositioning an art piece on a different wall. We have limited space in our condo so we did a quick tv re-position and this changed the entire look of the living room. 

Add your own special touches to re fall in love with your space again

4. I love fresh flowers and candles so I opted to make these a part of my weekly and monthly budget! They just make me so happy. In a mostly white modern stark space the flowers add a pop of color in our home. And the candles are a great sensory experience which really create an inviting space. I always love the dining table around the holidays too...we are entertaining family and friends all season long so the table is really created daily and I just love using my creativity in my tablescapes. Again being in a mostly white modern space I can really utilize some warm organic textures to this and color!! So I just decided from now on I would set my tables as a daily routine. Why does it only have to be gorgeous and festive during the holidays? 

Enjoy purging minimal dears!