My bff is so very special to my heart and I wanted to host a small baby shower in my home welcoming her newest son. I had to work with a strict budget on this though but I wanted it to look and feel incredible. I decided on a Sunday brunch time frame keeping in mind I could get a frittata and some other things to stretch a longer way.

I love Ottolenghi's smoky frittata. The recipe uses creme fraiche, smoked scamorza, and mature cheddar so how can you go wrong?! is where you can find the recipe. There is a direct link to his book Plenty which I highly recommend. It's a fave in my household. 

A frittata is fabulous too because you can prepare everything ahead of time and just pop in oven before your guests arrive. 

I purchased some other cheeses and crackers and did a small cheese plate and some grapes. I also created some simple yogurt parfaits. Just grab a big thing of greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries and layer them in champagne flutes to add some elegance to the brunch event .

(i found these green stem glasses at the dollar store surprisingly and they were perfect). The Dollar Store also had a great selection of baby shower themed cocktail napkins too. I also decided to make the doughnut hole skewers for something sweet. I ordered the doughnut holes from my local fave doughnut shop in town and then got some fresh berries and some long skewers and just layered them. It's super easy and festive. I added a quick carrot salad dish and then found some mini cupcakes at the market. I ordered a cake from a local bakery and then we did a nice fruit punch and that was really it in terms of food and beverage. Everything was super easy to prepare too that morning . 

I kept decorations so simple and inexpensive. Have the mom to be send you some photos of her and her tummy. They may even have some on their social media platforms that you can just utilize too. (i personally love The Walgreens app and can send pics straight from my phone, fb, or insta to them for printing and they send you an email when they are ready to pick up). 

I had two gorgeous pics of my friend and hung them on my light fixture above the dining table with the oversized pom poms I made from tissue paper. Super easy and so festive. Such an easy DIY. I also made a banner with different prints of scrapbook paper too.  You just need the paper, a triangle stencil, a whole puncher, and some yarn. Target also had the fun tassle banner that I found but you can easily make that as well.  Add some fresh flowers too throughout the home ! 

I knew I wanted to have some interactive activities during the shower but I am not really one for silly shower games so I found a printable "Wishes for Baby" template on pinterest and did the printing and cutting myself.

The guests filled those out and my mom to be could keep them for her baby book. I also found those happy notes at anthropologie and since my friend was choosing a natural at home birth I had the guests write a note of encouragement that could be read to her by her husband during that time of birth. 

Simple, beautiful and easy !!

Love you baby Owen.