Re-Sale Happiness.

I always feel like my favorite things in my closet are the ones that have some stories. I love love shopping re-sale and I love love love a good bargain! I was so happy when Tulsa finally got an Uptown Cheapskate. A friend of mine had told me about the franchise in Dallas and I was so thrilled over this concept! I had places to take my heavy designer clothing I was not wearing anymore but still needed a gap filled for my other nice items that are not heavy designer but are also not deserving of that goodwill basket. I am all about donating, don't get me wrong, but making a little bit of dough is nice too! Uptown Cheapskate takes your gently used items and gives you cash on the spot or you can get more in trade to do some shopping! I hit the jackpot today on a pair of Halston platforms and this amazing oversized black cowgirl hat. Fun fact. I am addicted to hats, all though I do not think they look very good on me. But this one was the perfect size and I really love the Stetson vibe it has! And the heels...well these are so very Samantha! Rachel Zoe would approve, I just know it! Local to TUL..go see Katy. She is the manager and her team is amazing. They are also currently having a semi annual sale this weekend...soooo thank me later! And not local to them and see if there is one where you live! What do you guys think of today's new-to-me treasures?! (p.s only 20.00 spent...squeal)